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List of Contributions

1 N. Afzulpurkar
V. T. Minh
Development of a Fault Tolerant Control System
2 J. Albersmeyer
Sensitivity Generation for Solutions of Differential-Algebraic Equations with an Adaptive BDF-Method
3 J. Antony
M. J. Frisch
A. P. Rendell
Modelling the Performance of the Gaussian Computational Chemistry Code on the x86 Architecture
4 J. Asavanant
M. Ioualalen
N. Kaewbanjak
S. Grilli
P. Watts
J. Kirby
Numerical Simulation of the December 26, 2004: Indian Ocean Tsunami
5 P. Azerad
F. Bouchette
D. Isebe
B. Ivorra
B. Mohammadi
Progress in Global Optimization and Shape Design
6 J. M. Ball
Analysis and Computation of Crystal Microstructure
7 M. Bamrungrajhirun
C. Lursinsap
S. Siripant
A Dynamic 3D Structural Model of Rice Based on Morphogenesis Development
8 P. Bastian
M. Blatt
Iterative Solvers Template Library (ISTL)
9 P. Belotti
S. Orlowski
An Integer Programming Approach to Two-Layer Telecommunication Network Design
10 J. D. Bendtsen
M. Bisgaard
K. K. Laursen
D. Vinther
K. Z. Østergaard
Simulation and Verification of Fault Tolerant Control for a Mobile Robot
11 J. Björnberg
M. Diehl
Approximate Dynamic Programming for Robust Model Predictive Control
12 A. Bley
Models and Algorithms for IP Network Optimization
13 H. G. Bock
Real-Time Computation of Closed-Loop Controls
14 H. G. Bock
S. Chuai-Aree
W. Jäger
W. Kanbua
S. Krömker
S. Siripant
3D Cloud and Storm Reconstruction from Satellite Image
15 H. G. Bock
S. Chuai-Aree
W. Jäger
S. Siripant
Inverse Problem of Lindenmayer Systems on Branching Structures
16 H. G. Bock
E. Kostina
M. Niezgodka
A. Trykozko
Closed-Loop Control of Nonlinear Diffusion Processes Contributing to Spatial Structure Formation
17 H. G. Bock
G. Reinelt
C. Surapholchai
Solving City Bus Scheduling Problems in Bangkok
18 S. Bönisch
An Adaptive Fictitious-Domain Method for Quantitative Studies of Particulate Flow Problems
19 H.-J. Bungartz
D. Pflüger
S. Zimmer
Adaptive Sparse Grid Techniques for Data Mining
20 M. Burger
V. Capasso
D. Morale
On the Social Behavior of Biological Populations: Nature Inspired Algorithms
21 V. Capasso
Multiscale Modelling of Random Geometric Birth-and-Growth Processes, for Multi-Physics Problems Occurring in Material Sciences and Biomedicine
22 P. Carloni
Multi-Scale Simulations of Proteases Point to Evolutionarily Conserved Functional Mechanics Across the Enzyme Family
23 T. Carraro
V. Heuveline
Parameter Identification and Optimal Experimental Design for Partial Differential Equations
24 C. Carstensen
Survey on Convergence of Adaptive Finite Element Methods
25 A. Ceselli
M. E. Lübbecke
I. Spenke
Industrial Railroad Operations: Optimal Switching, Routing, and Scheduling
26 L. Chen
D. Goldfarb
Interior-Point l2-Penalty Methods for Nonlinear Programming: Global and Local Convergence
27 T. S. Chen
R. C. Chen
C. C. Lin
K. C. Lin
A Production Scheduling System Based on Genetic Algorithm for Elastic Knitted Fabrics
28 U. P. Chong
S. J. Cho
Physical Modeling of Gayageum with Application to Sound Engine in Musical Synthesizer
29 D. H. Chung
A Tendency of Sediment Transport in Hai Hau Coastal Area
30 B. C. Cuong
D. T. Long
Nonlinear Function Approximation by Constructive Algorithms for Structure Learning in Feedforward Neural Networks
31 Q. A. Dang
Iterative Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems for Biharmonic Type Equation
32 T. K. Dang
N. T. Son
Providing Query Assurance for Outsourced Tree-Indexed Data
33 P. Deuflhard
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Facial Surgery
34 T. Dhaene
Sequential Sampling and Multivariate Modeling of High-Speed Electronic Components
35 I. Doktorski
W. Jäger
A New Mathematical Model for the Growth Phase of the Biofilm
36 N. T. Duc
A Dual-Time Preconditioning Method for Unsteady Two-Phase Flows
37 E. Duchi
R. Mantaci
T. H. D. Phan
D. Rossin
Bidimensional Sand Pile Model
38 D. X. Duong
P. H. Dien
Solving the Lectures Scheduling Problem by the Combination of Exchange Procedure and Tabu Search Techniques
39 A. Eisenblätter
T. Koch
Coverage and Capacity Planning for Cellular Networks
40 C. Ellsaesser
Coarse Analysis of Neuronal Network Models
41 C. Engwer
P. Bastian
A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Simulations in Complex Domains
42 J. Garcke
M. Hegland
Using the Optimized Combination Technique for Regression Problems
43 B. H. Giang
P. T. Anh
N. V. Hung
V. L. Nguyen
Shot Noise in Coulomb Blockade Metallic Quantum Dot Structures: Monte-Carlo Simulation versus Master Equation Solution
44 C. Goodyer
J. D. Wood
M. Berzins
Mathematical Modelling of Chemical Diffusion through Skin
45 S. Gratton
A. Sartenaer
P. Toint
Multilevel Optimization Using Recursive Trust-Region Methods
46 R. Griesse
T. Grund
D. Wachsmuth
Post-Correction Strategies for Perturbed Nonsmooth Equations
47 A. Griewank
Adjoint Based One-Shot Optimization with Bounded Retardation
48 M. T. Gyi
A. Jüngel
P. Markowich
R. Pinnau
Current-Voltage Characteristics of Quantum Hydrodynamic Model for Semiconductors
49 W. Hackbusch
The Technique of Hierarchical Matrices
50 A. Hall
E. Köhler
H. Schilling
A. Telle
Computing Sea Routes for Ships
51 J. W. Halley
Y. Lin
J. K. Chung
Linking Scales in Materials Simulation
52 D. Hänel
F. Völker
R. Vilsmeier
Combined Finite-Volume and Local Level-Set Approach on Unstructured Grids
53 D. Hartmann
T. Miura
Modelling in Vitro Lung Branching Morphogenesis
54 L. Hascoet
Automatic Differentiation with the TAPENADE Tool: Development Status and Applications
55 M. Hegland
C. Burden
L. Santoso
Sparse Grids and the Master Equation for Gene Regulatory Networks
56 M. Herty
On Computing Solutions To Optimal Control Problems in Radiative Heat Transfer
57 V. Heuveline
H. Nam-Dung
Dirichlet Feedback Control for the Stabilization of Unstable Parabolic Systems: Application to Heat Transfer Control in Fluid Flow
58 Q. Ho-Van
T. K. Dang
M. S. Tran-Le
T. T. Vo-Dang
Automatic Information Extraction from the Web: A HMM-Based Approach
59 T. X. Hoang
A. Trovato
F. Seno
J. R. Banavar
A. Maritan
Geometry, Symmetry and Protein Folding
60 K.-H. Hoffmann
Simulation of Biosensors Using Distributed Computations Based on the VIOLA Network
61 T. Hong Minh
D. Smith
A Metric for Word Similarity In WordNet
62 N. Q. Hung
N. Thoai
N. T. Son
Dynamic Feedback Load Balancing Scheduling Algorithm for Vietnamese Semantic Web Applications
63 D. Huygens
M. Labbe
A. R. Mahjoub
P. Pesneau
Design of Survivable Networks with Bounded-Length Paths
64 S. Iwata
Submodular Function Minimization
65 W. Jäger
M. Neuss-Radu
Mathematical Modelling of Ion Transport through Membranes
66 R. Jeltsch
A. Troxler
Inverse Aerodynamic Shape Design of Gas Turbine Blades
67 M. G. Kim
D. M. Cuong
EDF Scheduling Algorithm for Periodic Messages on Switched Ethernet
68 N. T. B. Kim
N. T. M. Hue
D. P. Vu
The Efficient Outcome Set of a Bicriteria Linear Programming Problem and Application
69 E. Kostina
Numerical Solution of Large-Scale Optimal Control Problems in Robust Optimum Experimental Design
70 P. Kühl
M. Diehl
A. Milewska
H. G. Bock
Robustified Nonlinear Model Predictive Control via a Min-Max Formulation
71 T. Kürner
Generating Input Data for Optimization Problems in Radio Network Planning
72 C. D. Laird
L. T. Biegler
Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming for Multiperiod Optimization and Design under Uncertainty
73 H. P. Langtangen
Simulation of Tsunamis Generated by Earth-Asteroid Collisions
74 H. M. Le
H. A. Le Thi
D. T. Pham
P. Bouvry
A Deterministic Optimization Approach for Generating Highly Nonlinear Balanced Boolean Functions in Cryptography
75 R. Longman
K. Xu
Experiment Design for System Identification using Learning/Repetitive Control that is Deliberately Near Instability
76 G. Lopez-Calva
J. Nocedal
Solving Difficult Nonlinear Programs Using Penalty Methods
77 V. Lykina
S. Pickenhain
Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems and their Applications
78 A. Marciniak-Czochra
Receptor-Based Models for Pattern Formation and Regulation in Developmental Systems
79 S. V. Meleshko
To the Equivalence Problem of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
80 S. Migorski
Contact Problems in Piezoelectricity Modeled by Hemivariational Inequalities
81 H. D. Minh
H. G. Bock
H. X. Phu
J. P. Schlöder
Fast Numerical Methods for Simulation of Chemically Reacting Flows in Catalytic Monoliths
82 T. N. Minh
N. Thoai
N. T. Son
D. X. Ky
Project-Oriented Scheduler for Cluster Systems
83 T. V. Minh
N. T. Hung
A General Mathematical Model of Two-Dimensional Horizontal Flow of Seawater Instrusion
84 R. H. Möhring
Routing in Traffic and Logistics
85 K. Mombaur
P. Giesl
H. Wagner
Stability Optimization of Juggling
86 K. Mombaur
R. W. Longman
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Optimizing Spring-Damper Design in Human Like Walking that is Asymptotically Stable Without Feedback
87 N. Moshkin
G. G. Chernykh
A. V. Fomina
Numerical Model of Far Turbulent Wake Behind Towed Body in a Linearly Stratified Media
88 U. Naumann
Min-ops Derivative Accumulation is NP-complete
89 U. Naumann
L. Hascoet
Adjoint Code Compilers
90 L. Neumann
H. Ulbrich
Simulation and Optimization Tool for Continuously Variable Chain Drives
91 D. K. Nguyen
I. Lavallee
M. Bui
Q. T. Ha
A New Direction to Parallelize Winograd's Algorithm on Distributed Memory Computers
92 H. V. Nguyen
S. de Gironcoli
Van der Waals Coefficients in Density Functional Theory: a Simple Approximation for the Polarizability
93 P. A. Nguyen
J. P. Raymond
Control Localized on Thin Structures for the System of Navier-Stokes Equations Coupled with the Heat Equation
94 V. H. Nguyen
S. Kedad-Sidhoum
New Formulation for the Ring Star Problem
95 M. Niezgodka
Computational Modelling of Nonlinear Structure Development Phenomena over Complex Geometries and Topologies
96 H. Oh
P. A. Tan
Cluster-Based Mobility Management for Internet Connectivity of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
97 M. R. Osborne
Stability Problems in ODE Estimation
98 M. Othman
A Fast, Parallel Performance of Fourth Order Iterative Algorithm on Shared Memory Multiprocessors (SMP) Architecture
99 N. N. Pham Thi
B. P. Sommeijer
J. Huisman
Numerical Treatment of Integro-PDEs for Phytoplankton Dynamics
100 H. Phan
M. Nguyen
Y. Inoguchi
B. Ho
S. Horiguchi
High-Performance Training of Conditional Random Fields for Large-Scale Sequential Labeling Applications
101 P. H. Phu
D. S. Yoo
M. J. Yi
Design and Implementation of a Web Services-Based Framework Using Remoting Patterns
102 S. Pickenhain
V. Lykina
Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems - Lebesque and Riemann Improper Integrals
103 U. Prüfert
F. Tröltzsch
M. Weiser
An Interior Point Method for an Elliptic Control Problem with Pointwise State Constraints
104 V. V. Quang
Q. A. Dang
Decomposition Method for Solving a Boundary Value Problem for Biharmonic Equation
105 S. G. Roberts
O. M. Nielsen
Simulation of Tsunami and Flash Floods
106 C. Roos
Full-Newton Step Polynomial-Time Methods for LO Based on Locally Self-Concordant Barrier Functions
107 R. D. Russell
J. F. Williams
X. Xu
Adaptive Software for Solving Fourth Order Time Dependent PDEs
108 S. Sager
H. G. Bock
G. Reinelt
J. P. Schlöder
Numerical Methods for Mixed-Integer Optimal Control
109 G. Sand
S. Barkmann
S. Engell
Optimization-Based Design of Reaction-Separation Systems
110 S. Schlenkrich
A. Walther
Differentiating Fixed Point Iterations with ADOL-C
111 J. P. Schlöder
Reduced Direct Multiple Shooting Algorithms for Optimization and Control of Large-Scale Dynamic Processes
112 R. Schultz
Decomposition and Approximation Algorithms for Mean-Risk Stochastic Integer Programs
113 O. Schütze
M. Dellnitz
Set Oriented Methods for the Numerical Treatment of (Global) Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
114 S. Siripant
S. Chuai-Aree
Simulation and Visualization of Leaf Growth
115 H. M. Son
Design Patterns for High-Performance Matrix Computations
116 L. Stals
S. Roberts
Hats Improve the Image
117 M. C. Steinbach
DAE Index and Optimization in Pressurized Water Networks
118 R. Stumptner
J. Kueng
Self Learning and Similarity Recognition by Highly Parallel Working Simplest Nodes
119 T. V. Su
D. T. Anh
Constraint Hierarchy and Stochastic Local Search for Solving Frequency Assignment Problem
120 J. Sulaiman
M. Othman
M. K. Hasan
Half-sweep Algebraic Multigrid (HSAMG) Method Applied to Diffusion Equations
121 W. Sun
Mathematical Modeling and Computation for Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials
122 S. Surasak
S. Siripant
C. Lursinsap
Approximation of the Nitrogen Deficiency in Soybean and Simulation of Soybean Leaf Color Using Neural Networks
123 A. Suratanee
K. Na Nakornphanom
K. Plaimas
C. Lursinsap
Partitioning for High Performance of Predicting Dynamical Behavior of Color Diffusion in Water Using 2-D Tightly Coupled Neural Cellular Network
124 C. Surulescu
On the Stochastic Modeling of the JAK-STAT Signal Transduction Pathway
125 N. X. Tan
On the Existence of Solutions of Quasi-Equilibrium Problems with Constraints
126 T. Tang
Gradient Stability and Large Time Stepping Methods for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
127 T. Terlaky
Two Decades of Interior Point Methods - What next?
128 N. Thoai
N. T. Son
H. Tran
V. H. Doan
T. N. Minh
N. C. Dat
D. T. Nghia
An Adaptive Space-Sharing Scheduling Algorithms for PC-Based Cluster
129 N. V. Thoai
Global Optimization over the Efficient Set
130 D. V. Tuan
U.-P. Chong
S.-J. Cho
Development of Acoustic Analysis Using Wigner Distribution for Pipeline Fault Detection in Power Plant
131 H. M. Wee
C. C. Lo
T. Y. Fang
Replenishment Policy of a Newsboy Problem for an Integrated Manufacturer-Retailer Channel
132 R. Wehrse
D. T. Wickramasinghe
R. Dave
Models for the End of the Dark Age
133 F. Weller
W. Jäger
Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
134 A. Wiegele
G. Rinaldi
F. Rendl
Solving Max-Cut Problems by Semidefinite Programming
135 H. Yserentant
Multilevel Decompositions of Electronic Wavefunctions
136 Y.-X. Yuan
An Interior Point Method with Subspace Techniques
137 S. Zhang
Recent Approximation Results on Quadratic Optimization

List of Cancelled Contributions

Authors Title Date of Cancellation
After Feb. 1, 2006
G. Biros
Robust PDE-Constrained Inversion Algorithms and Applications to Subsurface Imaging for Retrieval of 3D Archaeological Structures Mar. 4, 2006
M. V. Bulatov
V. F. Chistyakov
Multiple Solutions of Nonlinear Equations and their Applications Feb. 22, 2006
V. Chistyakov
M. V. Bulatov
Numerical Methods of Investigation and Solution for Integral Algebraic Equations Feb. 22, 2006
E. V. Chistyakova
Numerical Methods of Solution for Singular Nonlinear Integral Differential Equations Feb. 22, 2006
M. Do-Quang
W. Villanueva
G. Amberg
An Algorithm for Information Storage in Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Computations Feb. 18, 2006
D. M. Duc
N. D. Hoang
L. H. Nguyen
Lagrange Multipliers Theorem and Applications in Mathematical Programming Mar. 9, 2006
E. Duman
Comparison of Decision Tree Algorithms in Identifying Bank Customers that are likely to Buy Credit Cards Feb. 24, 2006
A. R. Girard
S. C. Spry
Dynamics and Control of a Gyroscopically Stabilized Cart Feb. 9, 2006
P. Husek
Robust Stability Analysis Using Fast Fourier Transform Feb. 20, 2006
S. P. Kuttanikkad
P. Bastian
Discontinuous Galerkin Discretization of Stokes Equation Feb. 7, 2006
F. Leibfritz
Numerical Design of Stabilizing Feedback Controllers for PDE Models Mar. 6, 2006
C. B. Low
D. Wang
X. C. Wang
Path Following Control for Wheeled Mobile Robots in the Presence of Skidding and Slipping: Estimation-Based Backstepping Approach Feb. 3, 2006
U. Ramesh
D. Mohanty
G. Swapna
V. Sundararajan
Simulation of Poteins and their Polymerization through Evolution Techniques Cancelled by the organizers
N. Sanornoi
B. Purahong
U. Sritheerawirojana
P. Sooraksa
Genetic Algorithm for Underactuated Swing-up Robot Fuzzy Controller Feb. 23, 2006
S. Satthamsakul
J. Asavanant
S. Siripant
Simulation of Shallow Water Flow with Source Term Feb. 10, 2006
T. Thuc
H. M. Tuyen
Hydraulics Computations for the Lower Mekong River Basin to Study Flood Drainage for the Plain of Reeds in Vietnam Feb. 27, 2006

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