List of Contributions

1 T. T. Ai
Mathematica for Geophysical Field Separation
2 D. T. Anh
Constraint Retraction in Dynamic CSPs over Disjoint Real Intervals
3 U. M. Ascher
Computational Methods for Large Distributed Parameter Estimation Problems in 3D
4 M. Bentele
M. Weismueller
R. Eils
Large-scale Simulation of Signal Transduction in Cells using Hybrid Models
5 H. G. Bock
H. X. Phu
J. P. Schlöder
T. H. Thai
Parameter Estimation for River Flows
6 S. Bönisch
V. Heuveline
R. Rannacher
Numerical Simulation of The Free Fall Problem
7 E. Burman
A. Ern
V. Giovangigli
Investigating Detailed Chemistry Bunsen Flames with Adaptive Finite Element Methods
8 T. H. Cao
T. H. D. Nguyen
T. C. T. Qui
Searching the Web: A Semantics-Based Approach
9 T. H. Cao
L. T. Sach
L. T. Son
L. N. Thang
An Object-Oriented Approach to Specification and Composition of Web Services
10 T. Carraro
V. Heuveline
Sequential Experimental Design for The Convection-Diffusion Equation: Application to Chemical Reactive Flows
11 C. W. Chen
J. C. Chen
Y. C. Fan
C. J. Sun
Finite Capacity Requirements Planning with Capability for Multiple Wafer Fabs
12 J. C. Chen
P. F. Chang
B. B. Chen
C. S. Chen
C. W. Chen
Application of Vehicle Routing Problem with Hard Time Window Constraints
13 J. C. Chen
G. M. Peng
C. J. Sun
J. J. Wang
P. F. Chang
R. D. Dai
Layout Improvement for the Facility Design of Semiconductor Fabrication
14 Z. Chen
H. Wu
A Posteriori Error Analysis and Adaptive Computation for Wave Scattering by Periodic Structures
15 F. L. Chernousko
Modelling of Snake-Like Locomotions
16 F. L. Chernousko
Simulation and Optimization of Crawling Robots
17 S. Chuai-Aree
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
S. Siripant
Simulation and Visualization of Plant Growth Using Lindenmayer Systems
18 P. L. Combettes
Parallel Decomposition Methods for Large-Scale Constrained Variational Problems
19 T. K. Dang
J. Küng
R. Wagner
An Efficient Approach to Vague Joins in The Vague Query System
20 A. Dedner
D. Kröner
Divergence Cleaning and Absorbing Boundary Conditions for The MHD Equations
21 P. Deuflhard
Computational Drug Design in the Virtual Lab
22 O. Deutschmann
S. Tischer
J. Warnatz
Time-Dependent Behavior of Reactions in Catalytic Monoliths
23 M. Do-Quang
G. Amberg
Modeling of Time-Dependent 3D Weld Pool Due to a Moving Arc
24 D. M. Duc
Numerical Simulation for Slope Stability Analysis and Prediction of Landslides in Bac Kan Province, Northeast Vietnam
25 N. N. Duc
T. N. M. Cong
N. T. Bich
Some Improvements on Dexter Model
26 L. Dumas
O. Durand
Optimization of Optical Communication Systems by Means of Genetic Algorithms
27 A. Eisenblätter
Th. Koch
A. Martin
Balancing Cost Versus Quality in UMTS Radio Access Networks
28 S. Engell
A. Markert
G. Sand
R. Schultz
Applied Stochastic Integer Programming: Scheduling in the Processing Industries
29 B. V. Ga
An Integral Model for Calculation of LPG Jet Development in Combustion Chamber of Spark Ignition Engine
30 S. K. Gnanendran
R .P. Sundarraj
Linear Programs with Alternative Block-Angular Structures: Implications for Parallelization and Model Management
31 N. Gojoho
T. Nodera
ML(k)BiCGSTAB Algorithm with Adaptive Determination of k for Solving Sparse Linear Systems
32 A. Griewank
Automatic Analysis and Evaluation of Scarce Jacobian Matrices
33 M. Grötschel
Using Polynomial Inequalities in Combinatorial Optimization
34 M. T. Gyi
A. J Jüngel
P. A. Markowich
R. Pinnau
Current-Voltage Characteristics of Quantum Hydrodynamic Model for Semiconductors
35 G. Hager
E. Jeckelmann
H. Fehske
G. Wellein
Parallelization Strategies for Density Matrix Renormalization Group algorithms on Shared-Memory Systems
36 D. N. Hai
N. T. Duc
Application of K-Model for Three Dimensional Simulation of Wind Field
37 D. N. Hai
N. V. Tuan
Water Hammer Phenomena and Interaction Waves In the Mixture of Liquid with Vapour Bubbles
38 N. H. Hai
N. V. Thai
P. D. Thang
Numerical Simulation of Solidification Processes. Application for Aluminum Vertical Continuous Castings
39 M. Hinze
Real Time Control of PDE Systems
40 T. V. Hoai
G. Reinelt
H. G. Bock
Advanced Techniques in the Column Generation Method for Crew Pairing Problems
41 J. Hong
The Multi-Symplecticity of Partitioned Runge-Kutta Methods for Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equations
42 N. T. Hung
A Two-Stage, High-Accuracy, Finite Element Technique of The Two Dimensional Horizontal Flow Model
43 P. K. Hung
N. H. Duc
L. K. Hoang
N. H. Hung
N. Q. Long
L. V. Vinh
The Study of Microstructure of Large Amorphous Iron Models
44 T. Ikeda
M. Nagayama
H. Ikeda
Helical Waves Arising in Some Reaction-Diffusion Systems
45 O. Ippisch
Simulation of Coupled Transport Processes in Natural Porous Media
46 W. Jäger
Multiscale Problems for Flow, Transport and Reactions in Tissues
47 R. Jeltsch
An Explicit Divergence-Free Upwinding Method for The MHD-Equations
48 P. Kaps
W. Nachbauer
M. Mössner
Simulation in Alpine Skiing
49 S. Körkel
E. Kostina
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Numerical Methods and Software for Nonlinear Optimum Experimental Design Problems
50 E. Kostina
Robust Parameter Estimation in Systems of Differential Equations
51 C. Kreutz
J. C. Honerkamp
Control of a CPAP-Device with a Partially Observable Markov Decision Model
52 G. Lienhart
Implementing Hydrodynamic N-Body Codes on Reconfigurable Computing Platforms
53 V. Lien Nguyen
Electron Transport in Nano-structures: Computer Simulation
54 P. T. K. Loan
B. V. Ga
Numerical Simulation of Flow in a Francis Turbine at Nominal and Off-Design Operating Conditions
55 P. T. Long
N. T. Hai
On the Class of Linear Optimal Control Problems with Pulse Controls
56 R. W. Longman
B. Panomruttanarug
On the Use of a Noncausal FIR Model of the Plant Inverse as a Compensator in Learning and Repetitive Control
57 I. Lukman
N. A. Ibrahim
M. N. Hassan
M. N. Sulaiman
M. Awang
J. Othman
Data Mining for Risks Assessment of Air Pollution
58 K. Malanowski
H. Maurer
S. Pickenhain
Second Order Sufficient Conditions Under Weak Assumptions for State Constrained Optimal Control Problems
59 A. Martin
S. Moritz
M. Moeller
Mixed Integer Models for The Optimization of Gas Networks
60 L. Mei
C. A. Thole
Clustering Algorithms for Parallel Car-Crash Simulation Analysis
61 E. T. Meinköhn
A General-Purpose Finite Element Method for 3D Line Transfer Problems with Application to Galaxies in the Early Universe
62 E. T. Meinköhn
R. Wehrse
The Modelling of Spectral Lines From Star Forming Regions
63 M. Mimura
Spatio-Temporal Patterns in far from Equilibrium States from the Viewpoints of Chemical and Biological Systems
64 D. L. Minh
The Acceptance-Transformation Method to Generate Random Variates
65 H. D. Minh
H. G. Bock
H. X. Phu
J. P. Schlöder
Calculating Consistent Initial Values for Structurally Singular Differential-Algebraic Equation Systems
66 B. Mohammadi
Design and Control of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems for Microfluidic Applications
67 K. D. Mombaur
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
R. W. Longman
Open-Loop Stable Control of Periodic Multibody Systems
68 M. Nagayama
S. Nakata
S. -I. Ei
M. Mimura
Numerical Understanding of Spot Dynamics Arising in a Mathematical Model of Camphor Motion
69 H. V. Nguyen
H. T. Diep
D. L. Nguyen
V. Lien Nguyen
Magnetic Properties of Exchange-Biased Three-Layer Films
70 M. Niezgodka
Two-Scale Models for Spatial Aggregation in Biosystems
71 S. J. Oh
R. W. Longman
Higher Order Repetitive Control
72 M. R. Osborne
An Approach to Parameter Estimation and Model Selection in Differential Equations
73 M. Oswald
G. Reinelt
Consecutive Ones Problems
74 L. D. Quang
Model and Progamme for Calculation of Input Parameters of the Propagation of Dusts in Atmosphere
75 R. Rabenseifner
G. Wellein
Comparison of Parallel Programming Models on Clusters of SMP Nodes
76 R. Rannacher
Adaptive FEM for Nonlinear Problems
77 O. Richter
Modelling Spatial Spread of Genetic Information via Pollen Dispersal: Coupling of Population Dynamics and Genetics
78 A. R. Saleh
Simulating Soil Erosion in a Warm, Humid Climate
79 J. P. Schlöder
Identifying Satellite Orbits by Globalized Gauss Newton Methods
80 R. Schultz
Mean-Risk Models in Stochastic Integer Programming
81 V. Schulz
S. Hazra
Parameter Identification in Flow Problems
82 H. Schwetlick
Newton-Type Methods for Nonlinear Least Squares Using Restricted Second Order Derivative Information
83 Z. Shesheng
Hybrid Algorithm to Simulate Dissipative Quantum Dynamics in Chemical Physics
84 M. Silly-Chetto
T. Garcia
Scheduling and Fault-Tolerance with Free Open-Source Components for Real-Time Applications
85 D. H. Son
N. T. Hoi
T. T. Tien
Numerical Simulation of Seasonal Current for South China Sea
86 N. T. Son
T. N. H. Huy
N. A. Kiet
Balance Algorithm - A New Approach to Solving the Mapping Problem on Heterogeneous Systems
87 G. Stadler
Semi-smooth Newton and Augmented Lagrangian Methods for a Simplified Friction Problem
88 O. Stein
A Numerical Method for Optimal Error Estimates in BVPs and Robust Optimization
89 M. C. Steinbach
Experience with Tree-Sparse Algorithms in Dynamic Stochastic Optimization
90 M. C. Steinbach
K. Ehrhardt
Nonlinear Optimization in Gas Networks
91 N. X. Tan
Quasi-Optimization Problems: The Existence of Solutions and Solving Methods
92 N. D. Thuan
Update Algorithm in Temporal Database
93 N. V. Thuong
Optimizing Quadratic Functions over the Vertex-Set of an Hypercube
94 B. Tibken
Relaxations for Robust Linear Matrix Inequalities
95 A. Toumi
A. Schwenk
S. Engell
A Software Package for the Optimal Operation of Continuous Moving Bed Chromatographic Processes
96 H. Tuy
Partly Convex and Convex-Monotonic Optimization Problems
97 V. A. Udaloy
N. M. Ivanov
N. L. Sokolov
V. U. Pazdnikov
Some Peculiarities of Operative "Okean-O" Control
98 H. Umeo
K. Michisaka
N. Kamikawa
Efficient Synchronization Algorithms for 1-Bit Inter-Cell Communication Cellular Automata
99 N. T. T. Van
A New Approach to the Simulation of Flash Floods in Tropical Humid Monsoon Catchments
100 B. Vexler
Adaptive Finite Elements for Output-Oriented Parameter Identification Problems
101 L. V. Vinh
N. X. Sang
N. T. Nhan
D. H. N. Anh
L. V. Huy
P. K. Hung
The Comparison between Numerical and Analytical Method for the Calculation of Ground State Energy of Quantum Wells
102 C. C. Vo
A. Takeda
K. Fujisawa
M. Kojima
Implementation of the Branch-and-Bound Method for Non-Convex Quadratic Optimization Problems Using the Successive Convex Relaxation
103 D. Wang
M. Pham
P. T. Cat
Simulation Study of Vehicle Platooning Maneuvers with Full-State Tracking Control
104 H. M. Wee
J. Yu
C. H. Chou
Scientific Modeling for Two-Echelon Deteriorating Inventory System in a Supply Chain
105 K. Xu
H. Z. Tang
Gas-Kinetic Scheme for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics
106 H. C. Yee
B. Sjögreen
The B=0 Constraint vs. Minimization of Numerical Errors in MHD Simulations

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