7th International Conference on
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
March 19-23, 2018 — Hanoi, Vietnam
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ODE Optimal Control and Applications

Organizers: Sabine Pickenhain and Vladimir Veliov

Ord. Authors Title
1 P. Albano
P. Cannarsa
T. Scarinci
On the Regularity and the Singular Support of the Minimum Time Function with Hörmander Vector Fields
2 W. Alt
C. Y. Kaya
C. Schneider
Dualization and Discretization of Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with Bang-Bang Solutions
3 V. Basco
P. Cannarsa
H. Frankowska
Necessary Optimality Conditions for Infinite Horizon Control Problems under State Constraints
4 O. Bokanowski
A. Désilles
J. Zhao
H. Zidani
High Performance Computing for HJB Equations and Application to Optimal
5 O. Bokanowski
A. Désilles
H. Zidani
Trajectory Optimization for State-constrained Control Problems Based on Hamilton-Jacobi Approach
6 A. Britzelmeier
M. Gerdts
Model Predictive Control of Connected, Autonomous Cars in a Road Network
7 A. L. Dontchev
The Radius of Good Behavior
8 G. Fabrini
L. Iapichino
S. Volkwein
Greedy Controllability of Reduced-Order Linear & Dynamical Systems
9 R. Ferretti
O. Junge
An Adaptive Multilevel Radial Basis Function Scheme for the HJB Equation
10 A. Fleig
L. Grüne
R. Guglielmi
Model Predictive Control of Stochastic Processes via Probability Density Functions
11 D. Grass
V. Lykina
Optimal Control Problem of Metronomic Chemotherapy
12 L. Grüne
S. Pirkelmann
Numerical Optimal Control of Time-Varying Dynamical Systems with Applications in Building Operation
13 R. F. Hartl
P. M. Kort
A. Seidl
Decisions on Pricing, Capacity Investment, and Introduction Timing of New Product Generations in a Durable-good Monopoly
14 A. Marigonda
M. Quincampoix
Optimal Control Problem with Probabilistic Uncertainty on Initial Positions and Velocities
15 H. Maurer
Theory and Application of Time Delayed Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
16 S. Pickenhain
K. Kolo
Approach of an Epidemic Model by the Usage of a Dual Based Pseudospectral Method for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
17 S. Pickenhain
V. Lykina
Asymptotic Controllability and Infinite Horizon Optimal Control – A Weighted Sobolev Space Approach
18 V. M. Veliov
On Regularity and Discretization of Affine Optimal Control Problems
19 P. T. Vuong
Gradient-types Methods Revisited in Optimal Control Problems with Bang-Bang Solutions

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International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, March 19-23, 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam