7th International Conference on
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
March 19-23, 2018 — Hanoi, Vietnam
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List of Contributions

Ord. Authors Title
1 D. Q. A
N. T. Huong
Existence Results and Numerical Solution for a Fourth Order Elliptic Equation of Kirchhoff Type
2 J. Adler
A. Ringh
J. Karlsson
Convex Optimization for Inverse Problems Using Convolutional Neural Networks
3 J. Adler
O. Verdier
What Can We Expect? Computable Upper Bounds to Machine Learning in Inverse Problems Using MCMC
4 S. Adly
H. V. Ngai
N. V. Vu
Riemannian Newton and Quasi-Newton Type Schemes
5 A. Ahmad
W. Gao
S. Engell
Handling Model Inadequacy in Iterative-Real-Time Optimization
6 T. Akhtar
C. A. Shoemaker
Efficient Multi Objective Watershed Model Calibration Using a Synchronous Global Surrogate Algorithm
7 P. Albano
P. Cannarsa
T. Scarinci
On the Regularity and the Singular Support of the Minimum Time Function with Hörmander Vector Fields
8 W. Alt
C. Y. Kaya
C. Schneider
Dualization and Discretization of Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with Bang-Bang Solutions
9 D. T. V. An
N. D. Yen
Differential Stability Analysis via Multiplier Sets
10 L. T. T. An
W. Jäger
M. Neuss-Radu
Modeling and Analysis of Structured Population: Drug Resistance in Malaria
11 P. T. An
T. V. Hoai
D.-S. Kim
K. Polthier
V. B. Thinh
D. V. Viet
Funnel Technique for Finding Shortest Paths from a Fixed Source Point to all Destination Points on a Convex Polyhedral Surface
12 P. T. An
N. D. Hoang
N. K. Linh
N. B. Hau
The Best Restricted Area Technique for Computing the Convex Hull of a Finite Set of Points in Rn
13 P. K. Anh
T. N. Hai
Splitting Extragradient-like Algorithms for Strongly Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems
14 P. N. Anh
Modified Basic Projection Methods for a Class of Equilibrium Problems
15 T. V. Anh
A Parallel Method for Variational Inequalities with the Multiple-sets Split Feasibility Problem Constraints
16 M. Anitescu
Scalable Stochastic Programming for Energy Systems
17 N. Arbu
A. Lim
D. McNeil
Forecasting Age-Specific Fertility
18 D. Arndt
R. Grove
G. Kanschat
Schwarz Smoothers for Conforming Stabilized Discretizations of the Stokes Equations
19 U. Ascher
Numerical Analysis in Visual Computing: not too little, not too much
20 D. Aßmann
F. Liers
M. Stingl
J. Vera
Robust Solution Methods for Challenging Gas Network Operation Problems
21 V. Basco
P. Cannarsa
H. Frankowska
Necessary Optimality Conditions for Infinite Horizon Control Problems under State Constraints
22 P. Bastian
C. Kamthorncharoen
Modified RASPEN and Its Application to Discontinuous Galerkin Discretisation for Richards Equation in Porous Media Flow
23 P. Bastian
D. Kempf
E. H. Müller
S. Müthing
M. Piatkowski
Efficient Implementation of High-order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
24 F. Bestehorn
C. Kirches
Distributed Optimization Procedures for District Heating Networks
25 O. Bokanowski
A. Désilles
J. Zhao
H. Zidani
High Performance Computing for HJB Equations and Application to Optimal
26 O. Bokanowski
A. Désilles
H. Zidani
Trajectory Optimization for State-constrained Control Problems Based on Hamilton-Jacobi Approach
27 P. Bonami
A. Lodi
J. Schweiger
A. Tramontani
Solving Standard Quadratic Programming by Cutting Planes
28 J. Bowler
T. T. Nguyen
P. Sacks
Estimation of Electrical Conductivity and Magnetic Permeability of Metals from Surface Voltage Measurements
29 A. Britzelmeier
M. Gerdts
Model Predictive Control of Connected, Autonomous Cars in a Road Network
30 C. Buchheim
R. Kuhlmann
C. Meyer
Binary Programming with Semilinear Elliptic PDE-constraints
31 T. Q. Bui
Numerical Simulation of Failure in Quasi-brittle Materials by a Novel Regularized Damage Model
32 R. Burlacu
B. Geißler
A. Morsi
L. Schewe
M. Schmidt
Exact and Heuristic MIP Methods for the Solution of MINLP with Examples from Gas Transport Optimization Problems
33 J. A. Burns
High Order DG Type Methods for Control and Optimization of Convection-Diffusion Systems
34 J. Burtscheidt
M. Claus
Structure and Stability Results for a Risk Averse Linear Bilevel Problem under Stochastic Uncertainty
35 J. A. Carrillo
Repulsive-attractive Models in Collective Behavior and Applications
36 C. Cay
J. C. Góez
I. Pólik
T. Terlaky
Mixed Integer Second Order Cone Optimization (MISOCO): Conic Cuts, Warm Start, and Rounding
37 E. Cerpa
L. Grüne
R. Guglielmi
D. Kalise
Stabilizing Controllers with Improved Performance for Nonlinear PDEs: a NMPC Approach
38 C. Christof
J. C. de los Reyes
C. Meyer
A Trust-Region-Method for the Optimal Control of Variational Inequalities
39 S. Chuai-Aree
S. Siripant
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
Fast Algorithm for Hourly Solar Energy Map Approximation Using Satellite Image Processing and Applications
40 M. T. Chung
K. T. Pham
M. T. Nguyen
N. Thoai
SCOUT: Scheduling Core Utilization to Optimize the Performance of Scientific Computing Applications on CPU/Coprocessor-based Cluster
41 C. Clason
F. Kruse
K. Kunisch
Total Variation Regularization of Multi-material Topology Optimization
42 C. Clason
V. H. Nhu
A. Rösch
Optimal Control of a Non-smooth Quasilinear Parabolic Equation
43 M. Claus
R. Schultz
K. Spürkel
Strong Convexity in Stochastic Programs with Deviation Risk-Measures
44 W. Cook
The Traveling Salesman Problem with Road Distances
45 P. L. Cui
G. Zhang
Q. R. Wang
Z. Y. Liu
S. Li
Harmonic Current Suppression of MSR System Via Odd-Harmonic Fractional Repetitive Control
46 B. C. Cuong
L. H. Son
P. H. Thong
Picture Fuzzy Rough Soft Sets – A New Concept for Soft Computing Problems
47 T. H. Cuong
J.-C. Yao
N. D. Yen
On Some Incremental Algorithms for the Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering Problem
48 T. H. Cuong
J.-C. Yao
N. D. Yen
Qualitative Properties of the Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering Problem
49 L. Dang
Supersolid and Superglass: the Role of Localization
50 B. Davier
J. Larroque
P. Dollfus
J. Saint-Martin
Heat Transport in Silicon Nanowires within Full-band Phonon Monte Carlo Approach
51 O. Davydov
Consistency Estimates for Meshless Finite Difference Methods and Selection of Sets of Influence
52 O. Davydov
N. M. Tuong
D. T. Oanh
Meshless Finite Difference Method for Elliptic Equations on Complicated 3D Domains
53 C. Dawson
C. Michoski
M. Bremer
K. Kazhyken
High Performance Computing and Algorithms for Hurricane Storm Surge Modeling: Current State and Future Outlook
54 A. De Marchi
M. Gerdts
Multiscale Model of the Traffic Flow in a Roundabout with Optimal Velocity Control
55 H. T. Diep
Spin Transport in Magnetic Materials: Monte Carlo Simulation
56 H. T. Diep
M. Kaufman
S. Kaufman
Social Conflicts: A Statistical Physics Approach
57 T. D. Diep
M. T. Nguyen
N.-Y. Nguyen-Huynh
M. T. Chung
M. T. Nguyen
N. Q. Hung
N. Thoai
Chainer-XP: A Flexible Framework of Neural Networks for the IntelR Xeon PhiTM Coprocessor
58 M. D. Doan
A Distributed Jacobi Algorithm for Optimization Problems with Coupled Constraints
59 A. L. Dontchev
The Radius of Good Behavior
60 P. M. Duc
L. D. Muu
N. V. Quy
Solution-Existence and Algorithms with Their Convergence Rate for Strongly Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems
61 D. Dung
Ch. Schwab
J. Zech
High Dimensional Multilevel Smolyak Approximation
62 N. T. Dung
N. L. Son
H. A. Tuan
G. Yin
A Numerical Scheme for Solutions of Hybrid Systems
63 R. Estrin
D. Orban
M. A. Saunders
LSLQ: An Iterative Method for Linear Least-Squares with an Error Minimization Property
64 G. Fabrini
L. Iapichino
S. Volkwein
Greedy Controllability of Reduced-Order Linear & Dynamical Systems
65 L. Failer
D. Meidner
K. Singhammer
B. Vexler
Goal-oriented Error Estimation of Stationary Fluid-Structure Interaction with Partitioned Methods
66 L. Failer
T. Wick
Time Adaptivity for Optimal Control of Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction
67 R. Ferretti
O. Junge
An Adaptive Multilevel Radial Basis Function Scheme for the HJB Equation
68 U. Fjordholm
K. Lye
S. Mishra
Computing Statistical Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
69 U. Fjordholm
S. Mishra
E. Tadmor
Computation of Entropy Measure-Valued Solutions
70 A. Fleig
L. Grüne
R. Guglielmi
Model Predictive Control of Stochastic Processes via Probability Density Functions
71 M. Gahn
M. Neuss-Radu
P. Knabner
Effective Models for Reaction-Diffusion Processes including Membrane Transport and Metabolic Channeling
72 P. Gangl
U. Langer
A Local Mesh Modification Strategy for Interface Problems with Application to Shape and Topology Optimization
73 N. Gerhard
S. Müller
Multiwavelet-based Grid Adaption with Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes
74 M. Gokieli
N. Kenmochi
M. Niezgodka
New Class of Mathematical Models for Biomass Development and Processing
75 D. Grass
V. Lykina
Optimal Control Problem of Metronomic Chemotherapy
76 L. Grüne
S. Pirkelmann
Numerical Optimal Control of Time-Varying Dynamical Systems with Applications in Building Operation
77 N. T. V. Hang
B. S. Mordukhovich
M. E. Sarabi
Second-Oder Variational Analysis in Second-Order Cone Programming
78 D. N. Hao
N. T. N. Oanh
P. X. Thanh
Determination of the Initial Condition in Parabolic Equations
79 M. Harant
M. Sreenivasa
M. Millard
N. Sarabon
K. Mombaur
Modeling and Optimal Control of Human Lifting Motions
80 R. F. Hartl
P. M. Kort
A. Seidl
Decisions on Pricing, Capacity Investment, and Introduction Timing of New Product Generations in a Durable-good Monopoly
81 L. C. Hegerhorst
Optimality Conditions for Optimization Problems with Nonsmooth Constraints
82 R. Hernandez
S. Engell
A Fast RTO Algorithm for the Optimal Operation of Slow Processes
83 Y. C. Hernandez
T. Boskamp
P. Maass
Targeted NMF for Tumor Classification
84 R. Heß
D. Kempf
S. Müthing
P. Bastian
Achieving Sustainable SIMD Performance for High Order DG Methods through Code Generation
85 P. T. Hieu
N. T. T. Thuy
J. J. Strodiot
Explicit Iteration Methods for Solving Variational Inequalities in Banach Spaces
86 M. Hinze
B. Kaltenbacher
T. N. T. Quyen
Identifying Conductivity in Electrical Impedance Tomography with Total Variation Regularization
87 J. Hu
R. Shu
X. Zhang
Asymptotic-preserving and Positivity-preserving Implicit-Explicit Schemes for the Stiff BGK Equation
88 Y. Huang
J. Li
W. Yang
Recent Advances on Finite Element Method and Simulation of Invisibility Cloaks with Metamaterials
89 A. Huber
M. Gerdts
Optimal Control Approaches for Online Control of Vehicles
90 T. N. Hung
D. V. Trung
Modeling Radiative Transfer in Astrophysics using MPI
91 V. T. N. Huyen
K. Yamauchi
F. Kuroda
M. Suzuki
T. Oguchi
Magnetic Symmetry Analysis and Ab-ititio Calculation of Anomalous Hall Conductivity in Co2TiSn
92 W. Jäger
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Inflammation as Immune Response - The Role of Hypoxia
93 X. Ji
R. W. Longman
The Insensitivity to Initial Condition of a New Stable Inverse
94 C. Jia
R. W. Longman
Adaptive Smooth Second-Order Sliding Mode Repetitive Control Method and Its Application to a Hydraulic System
95 S. Jin
Uncertainty Quantification for Multiscale Kinetic Equations with Uncertain Coefficients
96 F. Jost
E. Schalk
K. Rinke
T. Fischer
S. Sager
Towards Personalised and Mathematically Optimised Chemotherapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
97 Y. Jun
Domain Decomposition Method for Two-Dimensional Parabolic Problems
98 J. Kallrath
R. Blackburn
Polylithic Modeling and Solution Approaches for Hard Mixed Integer Optimization Problems Exploiting Multi-Grid Parameter Techniques
99 P. L. Kelly-Zion
H. Nguyen
C. Pursell
M. Batista
G. Wassom
T. Piske
Measured Vapor Distributions Above Sessile Drops and Implications for Vapor Transport
100 P. D. Khanh
T. H. Mo
T. T. T. Trinh
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Qualitative Properties of Infinite Dimensional Linear Programming
101 B. T. Kien
V. H. Nhu
N. H. Son
Second-order Optimality Conditions for a Semilinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
102 D.-S. Kim
Y. Cho
J. Ryu
M. Lee
J. Cha
C. Song
Molecular Geometry (MG) and MG Operating System: Software Engine Library for 2D- and 3D-sphere based Particle System
103 O. Klein
Orthonormal Residuals for Large-Scale Geostatistical Model Validation
104 C. Klingenberg
The Compressible Euler Equations with Gravity: Well-balanced Schemes and all Mach Number Solvers
105 C. Klingenberg
The Universe in a Computer: How Mathematical and Numerical Methods Are Essential
106 S. Knust
S. Waldherr
Synchronous Flow Shop Scheduling Problems
107 E. Kobler
T. Klatzer
K. Hammernik
T. Pock
Variational Networks: Connecting Variational Methods and Deep Learning
108 T. Koch
D. Rehfeldt
SCIP-Jack: A Solver for Steiner Tree Problems in Graphs and their Relatives
109 E. Kostina
Optimization-Based Model Validation – a Mathematical Technology of High Economic Impact
110 E. Kostina
Numerical Optimization Methods for Significance Analysis of Parameters in Dynamical Systems
111 M. Kudruss
P. Manns
Efficient Derivative Evaluation for Rigid-Body Dynamics
112 A. Kurganov
Well-Balanced Schemes via Conservative Formulation Using Global Fluxes
113 G. A. Kurina
V. G. Zadorozhniy
Inverse Problems of the Calculus of Variations for Systems of of High Order
114 J. Lagrone
R. Cortez
L. Fauci
Bacterial Motility in Confined Environments
115 H. A. Le
V.-N. Do
Method of Time Evolution of Quantum States in Real Space for Calculation of Electronic and Optical Properties of Twisted Bilayer Graphene
116 X. T. Le
S. Knust
Robust Solutions to Storage Loading Problems under Uncertainty
117 M. Lee
J. Ryu
J. Cha
C. Song
D.-S. Kim
Topology-oriented Construction of the Voronoi Diagram of Polygons
118 P. Lilienthal
M. Tetschke
S. Sager
Mathematical Modelling and Personalized Simulations of Erythropoiesis in the Context of Polycythemia Vera
119 S. Lindner
C. Seitz
K. Mombaur
Online Optimal Controlled Mapping for Offline 3D Reconstruction
120 V. H. Linh
N. D. Truong
Efficient Half-explicit Methods for a Class of Structured Delay Differential-Algebraic Equations
121 J. Liu
M. Tang
L. Wang
Z. Zhou
Accurate Front Capturing Schemes for Tumor Growth Models Equation with a Free Boundary Limit
122 S. Loisel
H. T. Nguyen
On Additive Schwarz Methods for Parallel Adaptive Finite Elements
123 S. Lunz
J. Adler
O. Öktem
C. Schönlieb
Learned CT Reconstruction and Segmentation
124 T. Q. Luu
H. V. Luu
T. T. N. Nguyen
H. Q. Bui
Distributed Computing Framework for Ship Detection from Panchromatic VNREDSat-1 Satellite Images
125 M. Mahyeng
S. Chuai-Aree
N. McNeil
Statistical Modeling for Wind Direction and Velocity in Utradith, Thailand
126 D. K. Mao
Godunov Schemes with Augmented Quantities
127 A. G. Marchetti
G. François
T. Faulwasser
D. Bonvin
Modifier Adaptation for Real-Time Optimization – Basic Idea and Recent Developments
128 A. Marigonda
M. Quincampoix
Optimal Control Problem with Probabilistic Uncertainty on Initial Positions and Velocities
129 H. Maurer
Theory and Application of Time Delayed Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
130 A. Meyer
H. G. Bock
C. Kirches
A. Potschka
Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems with Explicit and Implicit Switches
131 C. Meyer
M. Sievers
Numerical Approximation of Rate-Independent Evolutions
132 D. L. Minh
Bayesian Networks: The Edge Addition Method to Convert a Directed Acyclic Graph into a Polytree
133 P. Q. Muoi
D. X. Hiep
P. D. Tuan
An Algorithm for Minimization Problems in l0-Regulariation for Nonlinear Inverse Problems
134 S. Musikasuwan
S. Chuai-Aree
N. McNeil
The Performance of Non-Stationary Fuzzy Systems on Mackey-Glass Time-Series Prediction
135 S. Müthing
P. Bastian
R. Heß
D. Kempf
M. Piatkowski
Efficient Matrix-Free Discontinuous Galerkin Assembly: To Hand-Write Or to Generate?
136 P. T. Nam
H. Trinh
P. N. Pubudu
Reachable Set Bounding for Some Classes of Perturbed Positive Time-Delay Systems
137 H. V. Ngai
N. H. Tron
M. Thera
Directional Hölder Metric Regularity and Applications
138 N. T. Ngoc
I. Witt
Radiation Conditions for Periodic Potentials
139 H. Nguyen
L. Fauci
Hydrodynamics of Diatom Chains and Semiflexible Fibres
140 H. A. Nguyen
O. Richter
Upscaling Methods for Environmental Research
141 H. T. Nguyen
P. Maass
D. N. Hao
On a Mathematical Model of Lithium/Air Batteries
142 N. T. T. Nguyen
D. D. Linh
N. H. Chau
V. L. Nguyen
Quasi-bound States in Axially Symmetric Graphene Nanostructures
143 T. Nguyen
A. Siconolfi
Asymptotic Behavior of Singularly Perturbed Control Systems
144 V. H. Nguyen
P. Weng
An Efficient Primal-Dual Algorithm for Fair Combinatorial Optimization
145 C. Oakes
H. Nguyen
M. Koehl
L. Fauci
Modeling Hydrodynamic Effects on Choanoflagellate Feeding
146 D. T. Oanh
O. Davydov
H. X. Phu
Adaptive Meshless Refinement for RBF-FD Method or Elliptic Problems with Point Singularities in 2D
147 S. D. Olson
M. W. Rostami
Simulation of Microswimmers using the Fast Multipole Method
148 D. Otero
I. Piotrowska-Kurczewski
P. Maass
Inverse Problems in Designing New Materials
149 B. Pablos
M. Gerdts
Optimal Control of Re-entry Aircraft Trajectories with Minimum Heating
150 S. R. Panic
H. Milosevic
B. Prlincevi´c
V. Petrovi´c
O. Taseiko
Performance Analysis of FSO Transmission of Halftoned Image over Double Ricean Turbulence Channel
151 D. T. Pham
D. Dung
Adjusted Sparse Tensor Product Spectral Galerkin Method for Solving Pseudodifferential Equations on the Sphere with Random Input Data
152 H. T. Pham
L. Müller
J. Weber
D. T. Nguyen
Numerical Study of the Pressure Distribution in the Internal Gear Motor/Pump
153 K. O. Pham Le
T. A. Nguyen
T. A. N. Nguyen
B. T. Tran
Numerical Simulation of Dye Removal by Scallop Shell in Fixed Bed Column
154 A. Phan
M. D. Chuc
B. Q. Hung
N. T. N. Thanh
Coastal Change Detection Using Distributed Computing
155 M. Q. Phan
S. M. B. Azad
Nonlinear Feedback Stabilization of Bilinear Systems by Model Predictive Control and Q-Learning
156 S. Pickenhain
K. Kolo
Approach of an Epidemic Model by the Usage of a Dual Based Pseudospectral Method for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
157 S. Pickenhain
V. Lykina
Asymptotic Controllability and Infinite Horizon Optimal Control – A Weighted Sobolev Space Approach
158 A. Pimienta-Penalver
J.-N. Juang
A Robust Predictive Control Formulation for Heliogyro Blade Stability
159 P. Prasitmeeboon
R. W. Longman
Dissecting the Influence of Parasitic Poles on Compensator Design in Repetitive Control
160 X. Qin
N. T. An
Smoothing Algorithms for Computing the Projection onto a Minkowski Sum of Convex Sets
161 N. M. Quan
A. Peleg
H. T. Toan
Collision-induced Amplitude Shifts in Fast Two-Pulse Collisions in Weakly Perturbed Linear Systems of Coupled-PDEs
162 N. T. Qui
D. Wachsmuth
Full Stability for a Class of Control Problems of Semilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
163 L. Rannabauer
M. Bader
K. Duru
A.-A. Gabriel
ExaHyPE - An Exascale Hyperpolic PDE Engine: Seismic Wave Propagation in the Alps High Performance Scientific Computing
164 D. Ray
J. S. Hesthaven
An Artificial Neural Network for Detecting Discontinuities
165 A. Reinarz
R. Scheichl
L. Seelinger
GenEO Spectral Coarse Space Robust Preconditioner and Coarse Model
166 O. Richter
H. A. Nguyen
Dynamics of Insecticide Resistance in Mosquitoes
167 G. Rinaldi
Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization: Solution Techniques and Challenging Instances
168 N. H. Risebro
Models of Two Phase Flow in Porous Media
169 J. Ryu
M. Lee
D.-S. Kim
How to Solve NP-hard Euclidean Geometry Problems: From Disk Packing Problem Point of View
170 R. Saelim
M. Eso
K. Damchoom
Application of Monte Carlo Method on Parameter Estimates for Merton-Jump Diffusion Model: Evidence from the Unrest Situations of the Southern Provinces of Thailand
171 M. Santis
F. Rendl
A. Wiegele
Improving Alternating Direction Augmented Lagrangian Methods for Solving SDP by a Dual Step
172 M. M. Sauter
Simultaneous Direct Approaches for Inverse Optimal Control Problems
173 H. Schaeffer
G. Tran
R. Ward
Learning Nonlinear Dynamical Structures Using Compressive Sensing and Sparse Optimization
174 Ch. Schenk
V. Schulz
Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Energy Optimal Wine Fermentation
175 A. Schubert
K. Mombaur
Optimal Control Based Analysis of Human Painting Motions
176 R. Schultz
Algebraic Techniques for Stochastic Programming
177 A. Sequeira
Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulations: Applications to Patient-Specific Clinical Studies
178 I. Sharma
P. Tongkumchum
A. Ueranantasun
Modeling of NDVI and LST to Identify and Compare the Changing Trends in Nepal by Using GEE
179 Y. Shinano
Harnessing over a Million CPU Cores to Solve a Single Hard Mixed Integer Programming Problem on a Supercomputer
180 T. Silva
W. Jäger
M. Neuss-Radu
A. Sequeira
The Influence of Endothelial Dysfunction in Atherosclerosis: Mathematical Modeling
181 G. C. Slevogt
Direction Determination of Flows and its Application in Stochastic Network Optimization
182 A. Sommer
Parameter Estimation in Multi-Dimensional Stochastic Differential Equation Models
183 N. H. Son
B. T. Kien
A. Rösch
Second-order Optimality Conditions for Boundary Control Problems with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
184 N. K. Son
N. T. Hong
Radius of Approximate Controllability in the Function State Space of Retarded Systems Described by Linear Functional Differential Equations
185 C. Song
J. Cha
M. Lee
D.-S. Kim
The Geodesic among Circular Obstacles in Plane
186 T. Stiehl
White Blood Cell Dynamics in Health and Disease - Insights from Mathematical Modeling
187 T. Streubel
C. Tischendorf
A. Griewank
High Order Taylor-like Expansions of Piecewise Smooth Functions and Their Application to DAEs
188 C. Strohm
C. Tischendorf
Coupled Electromagnetic Field & Electric Circuit Simulation: Monolithic vs. Co-Simulation Approach
189 J. Sukys
C. Linares
U. Rasthofer
P. Hadjidoukas
F. Wermelinger
S. Mishra
Ch. Schwab
M. Castro
P. Koumoutsakos
Uncertainty Quantification using Parallel Multi-level Monte Carlo: Applications to Shallow Water, Euler, Magnetohydrodynamics, and Multi-phase Cavitation Flows
190 N. A. Syafiq
M. Othman
N. Senu
F. Ismail
An Adaption of Hierarchical Matrix on Explicit Group Iterative Poisson Solver
191 E. Tadmor
Emergent Behavior in Self-Organized Dynamics: from Consensus to Hydrodynamic Flocking
192 O. Tal
Kelly Gambling, Information Rate Bet Hedging in Evolutionary Models
193 M. D. Thanh
Computing Solutions of the Riemann Problem for the Ripa System
194 N. T. Thanh
V. N. Phat
Finite-time Stability of Singular Nonlinear Switched Time-Delay Systems: A Singular Value Decomposition Approach
195 S. L. Tilahun
Parallel Metaheuristic: Towards Balancing Intensification and Diversification
196 H. A. Tran
C. G. Webster
G. Zhang
A Sparse Grid Method for Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification with Application to Large Eddy Simulation Turbulence Models
197 T. D. Tran
A Long Time Behavior of the Wright-Fisher Model with Recombination
198 F. Tröltzsch
Optimal and Feedback Control of Systems of Reaction Diffusion Equations
199 D.-H. Tseng
M. Q. Phan
R. W. Longman
Physical Parameter Identification Using Sensors that Combine Different Degrees of Freedom
200 S. Ulfah
S. Chuai-Aree
C. Bekoe
2D Advection-diffusion Model for Simulation and Visualization The Distribution of Air Pollution
201 V. M. Veliov
On Regularity and Discretization of Affine Optimal Control Problems
202 H. H. Vui
The Threshold for the Existence of a Global Holderian Error Bound of a Polynomial Function
203 P. T. Vuong
Gradient-types Methods Revisited in Optimal Control Problems with Bang-Bang Solutions
204 D. Wagner
Geometric DNA Alignment with Range Trees
205 B. Wang
R. W. Longman
Adaptive One-Step Ahead Control of Systems with Unstable Discrete-Time Inverse
206 Z. Xiao
L. Chen
Y. Shi
Reynolds-constrained Subgrid-scale Modelling for Large-eddy Simulation of Turbulent Wall Flows
207 P. Xu
F. Roosta
M. Mahoney
Efficient Second-Order Optimization Methods for Machine Learning
208 S. K. Yadav
F. Paul
K. Polthier
Shape Analysis of 3D SDOCT data
209 L. H. Yen
N. T. T. Huyen
L. D. Muu
A Subgradient Algorithm for a Class of Nonlinear Split Feasibility Problems
210 C. Zeile
T. Rauwolf
A. Schmeisser
F. Gnettner
S. Sager
Personalized Modeling for Cardiovascular System Dynamics and Hemodynamics: A CircAdapt Approach

REMARK: The above List of Contributions had been updated for the last time on 17 March 2018 (see misc/HPSC2018-ProgramChanges.pdf), and all of the 210 talks had really been presented.

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International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, March 19-23, 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam