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How to go

  • To Vietnam: There are many airlines flying to Vietnam. The list below is just a reference on some airlines which have their representative offices in Vietnam: You should book a ticket as soon as possible, even for your return, because after Vietnam traditional Tet (at about February) most of airlines are overloaded due to the flow of Vietnamese overseas back to their residences.
  • From Noibai Airport to hotels:
    • In general, you can take a taxi to your hotel. There are different taxi companies, but we recommend you to choose Airport Taxi and it costs about 10 USD from the airport to anywhere within Hanoi. To avoid unacceptable high prices, please keep in mind to ask the taxi-dirver before choosing it to go to Hanoi.
    • If you will arrive in Noibai Airport on 4th, 5th or 6th March and if you confirm early enough about the flight and arrival time, we will send some persons to help you at the airport. Moreover, we will organize bus transportation to such hotels reserved by the organizers. In such a case, person who is responsible to meet you at the airport will bring a board with the title
  • Between hotels and the conference place and the places of social events: Bus transportation will be organized between the hotels, which are reserved by the organizers, and the Institute of Mathematics and the places of social events, such as reception, water puppet theatre, and banquet. Participants, who reserve hotel by themselves, are recommended to take a taxi.