6th International Conference on
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
March 16-20, 2015 — Hanoi, Vietnam
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List of Contributions

Ord. Authors Title
1 D. Q. A
T. H. Hai
V. V. Quang
Computational Techniques for Fourth Order Semilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
2 D. Q. A
T. D. Hung
On a Parallel Method for Solving some Boundary Value Problems in a Semistrip
3 P. T. An
N. N. Hai
T. V. Hoai
L. H. Trang
Multiple Shooting Approach for Computing Geometric Shortest Paths on Polytopes
4 D. T. Anh
N. N. Doanh
Effect of Refuge and Density Independent Migration on the Dynamics of Predator-prey System
5 N. H. Anh
O. Richter
N. V. Phuoc
Multiphysics Modeling of Pollutant Uptake by Mangroves
6 P. K. Anh
D. V. Hieu
Parallel Hybrid Methods for Variational Inequalities, Equilibrium Problems and Common Fixed Point Problems
7 Th. Apel
M. Mateos
J. Pfefferer
A. Rösch
Finite Element Error Estimates for Dirichlet Control Problems in Convex and Non-convex Domains
8 J. Araoz
E. Fernandez
S. Rueda
Location Routing on Trees
9 U. Ascher
F. Roosta-Khorasani
Algorithms that Satisfy a Stopping Criterion, Probably
10 T. Avila
A. Corberán
I. Plana
J. M. Sanchis
On the Stacker Crane Problem and the Directed General Routing Problem
11 U. Aßmann
A. Roesch
Regularization in Sobolev Spaces with Fractional Order
12 P. Bastian
S. Muething
High-Performance Computing for Flow in Porous Media
13 E. Benavent
M. Landete
G. Tirado
J. J. Salazar
The Probabilistic Pickup and Delivery Problem
14 L. Berenguer
D. Tromeur-Dervout
Numerical and Parallel Efficiency of Sparse-Aitken Schwarz Solver for Large-scale Groundwater Flow Problems
15 M. Blanco
R. Borndoerfer
N.-D. Hoang
T. Schlechte
The ATS Route Planning Problem for Airplanes
16 J. Blot
Necessary Conditions of Optimality for Infinite-horizon Problems
17 H. G. Bock
A. Cadi
R. W. Longman
J. P. Schlöder
Energy Conservation in Subway Operation by Optimal Scheduling
18 C. Bringedal
I. Berre
F. A. Radu
I. S. Pop
Pore Scale Models for Non-Isothermal Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution
19 A. Buchner
A. Potschka
Towards Real-time Optimization for PDEs
20 R. Buesa
S. Siripant
K. Plaimas
S. Chuai-Aree
A. Phon-On
Cloud Movement and Storm Direction Analysis Using Optical Flow Method
21 M. V. Bulatov
P. M. Lima
D. T. Than
Numerical Solution of the Density Profile Equation Using an Integral Method
22 M. V. Bulatov
L. Solovarova
Collocation-variation Approach to Numerical Solution of Differential-algebraic Equations
23 N. Buong
N. D. Nguyen
N. T. T. Thuy
Finite-dimensional Regularization Newton-Kantorovich Iterative Method for Non-linear Ill-posed Accretive Operator Equation and Application
24 R. Burachik
J. E. Martinez-Legaz
M. Rezaei
M. Théra
Enlargements and Autoconjugate Representations of Maximally Monotone Operators
25 A. Burtchen
S. Pickenhain
Optimal Energy Control of Hybrid Vehicles
26 A. Busaman
K. Mekchay
S. Siripant
S. Chuai-Aree
Dynamically Adaptive Tree Grids Modeling of Flood Inundation Based on Shallow Water Equation
27 C. Carstensen
Rate Optimality of Adaptive Algorithms
28 E. Casas
C. Ryll
F. Tröltzsch
Optimal Control of Traveling Waves
29 M. Cerny
M. Rada
On Maximization of a PSD Quadratic Form of Low Rank over a Box by Incremental Enumeration of Vertices of a Zonotope and Polynomial-time Approximations of the Objective Value
30 A. Yu. Chebotarev
A. E. Kovtanyuk
Analysis of the Problem of Natural Convection with Radiative Heat Transfer
31 J. S. Chen
J. N. Juang
L. W. Tsai
Dynamics of a Spinning Structure Subjected to a Uniform Pressure
32 T. S. Chingtham
Motion Planning for an Autonomous Mobile Robot using Cell Decomposition Architecture
33 Y. Cho
J.-K. Kim
J. Ryu
M. Lee
J. Cha
C. Song
D.-S. Kim
Molecular Geometry Operating System via Bull! Library
34 B. Chretien
A. Escande
A. Kheddar
GPU-based Robot Dynamics Simulator for Semi-Infinite Nonlinear Optimization
35 S. Chuai-Aree
S. Siripant
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
Fast Algorithm for Cloud Segementation and Cloud Classification from Satellite Images and Applications
36 C. Chunhawiksit
S. Rujivan
Pricing Discretely-Sampled Variance Swaps on Commodities
37 L. H. Chuong
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Structure of Optimal Samples in Continuous Nonlinear Experimental Design for Parameter Estimation
38 M. Claus
V. Kraetschmer
R. Schultz
Psi-Weak Continuity of Stochastic Functionals
39 D. Clever
K. Mombaur
On the Relevance of Common Humanoid Gait Generation Strategies in Human Locomotion - An Inverse Optimal Control Approach
40 R. A. Concepcion
M. C. Neri
Simultaneous Image Inpainting and Denoising with Interior Point Method on an L1 TV Model
41 B. C. Cuong
L. H. Son
P. H. Phong
R. T. Ngan
N. X. Thao
Some Operators on Interval-Valued Picture Fuzzy Sets and a Picture Clustering Algorithm on Picture Fuzzy Sets
42 P. T. Cuong
J.A. Teixeira de Freitas
R. Faria
Modelling of Heat and Moisture Transport in Concrete since Its Early Ages Using Hybrid Finite Elements
43 D. M. Dang
A Novel Monte-Carlo Method for Pricing Options under the Heston-Hull-White Jump Diffusion Model
44 M. C. Delfour
A. Garon
Three-dimensional Models of Paclitaxel Release from Biodegradable Polymer Films in the Wall/lumen System of Blood Vessels
45 F. Ding
C. Xiang
R. Longman
A Model-Predictive-Control-Based Power Management Strategy for a Powersplit Hybrid Electric Vehicle
46 N. V. Duc
N. T. Toan
DNA Looping in the Presence of Divalent Counterions, a Simulation Study using a Coarse-grained Model of DNA
47 M. Engelhart
N. Said
D. Holt
C. Kirches
S. Koerkel
Mathematical Formalization and Parameter Estimation for Cognitive Models with Instance-based Learning
48 B. Engquist
Wasserstein Metric and Seismic Exploration
49 H. Feldhordt
A. Rösch
M. Winkler
Optimal Control of a Chemotaxis System
50 E. Fernandez
D. Fontana
G. Speranza
On the Collaboration Uncapacitated Arc Routing Problem
51 A. Fleig
L. Gruene
R. Guglielmi
Model Predictive Control for Probability Density Functions
52 S. Frei
T. Richter
Recent Advances in the Fully Eulerian Approach for Fluid-structure Interaction Problems
53 M. J. Gander
Five Decades of Time Parallel Time Integration
54 M. J. Gander
L. Halpern
V. Martin
A new Algorithm Based on Factorization for Heterogeneous Domain Decomposition
55 R. Gollmer
R. Schultz
C. Stangl
An Approach to Nomination Validation in Gas Networks
56 J. L. Gracia
N. Madden
T. A. Nhan
Applying a Patched Mesh Method to Efficiently Solve a Singularly Perturbed Reaction-diffusion Problem
57 E. Guerrero
T. Hehn
C. Kirches
Modeling and Simulation of a Heat Recovery Cycle for Heavy Duty Trucks
58 J. Gutekunst
A. Potschka
Leaping Horizon Model Predictive Control for Periodic and Switched Processes
59 D. N. Hai
N. T. Thang
N. Q. Thai
L. V. P. Thao
T. T. Phuong
L. M. Thanh
N. T. Tuan
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Measurement of Supercavitating Flow around a Highspeed Moving Object in Water
60 K. Hatz
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
Efficient Numerical Methods for Solving Inverse Optimal Control Problems and Recent Computational Results for Modeling Human Locomotion
61 A. Hay
D. Pelletier
A. Garon
Computationally Efficient Time-integration of the Navier-Stokes Equations by Automatic Stepsize and Order Selection
62 R. Henrion
R. Schultz
Nomination Validation in Gas Networks under Uncertainty
63 L. T. Hieu
Numerically Computing Low-Rank Decompositions of Sums of Squares of Rational Functions via a Matrix Rank Minimization Problem
64 B. Hiller
R. Schwarz
C. Stangl
Bilevel Optimization Models for Flow Commitment Contracts in Gas Transmission Planning
65 B. Hiller
R. Schwarz
C. Stangl
Building Nominations for Real-Life Gas Transportation Networks
66 M. Hladik
The Effect of Hessian Evaluations in the Global Optimization αBB Method
67 N. T. Hoai
G. A. Kurina
Asymptotic Solution of Singularly Perturbed Optimal Problem in the case of Intersection of Solutions of Degenerate Problem
68 K.-L. Ho Hoang
K. D. Mombaur
Optimal Design of a Sit-to-Stand Assistance Device using Optimal Control
69 H. Holden
Operator Splitting and Convergent Schemes for the KdV and Benjamin-Ono Equations
70 J. Hron
J. Kratochvil
M. Kruzik
J. Malek
P. Minakowski
A New Eulerian Approach to Crystal Plasticity
71 P. Hron
P. Bastian
Operator Splitting Methods in Modelling of Multiphase Multicomponent Reactive Flow in Porous Media
72 C. Huck
C. Tischendorf
Modeling and Simulation of Network DAEs with a Switching Control Function
73 N. T. Hung
H. L. Nguyen
Reasonable Distance between the Groynes on the Concave Bank
74 T. T. T. Huong
The Duality of Critical and Super-stable Configurations of Chip Firing Games on Directed Graphs
75 A. Husain
A. Khan
Preconditioners for Spectral Element Methods for Fourth Order Elliptic Problems
76 N. L. Huynh
N. M. Ho
N. Thoai
Scientific HPC Applications in Cloud Computing Environment: A Trend of Containerization
77 C. Itoh
S. Fujino
Parallelism of IDR(s) Method based on an Extended Secant Method by Means of Cache-Cache [ka∫ ka∫ ] Balance
78 K. Iwasato
S. Fujino
K. Murakami
A Strategy for Reduction of Number of Synchronization Points of Parallel Krylov Subspace Methods
79 J. Jablonsky
Solving large-scale DEA Models using Modelling Languages
80 W. Jäger
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Flow and Transport through Membranes with Micro- and Nano-Channels
81 C. J. V. Jamosin
F. G. David
European Option Pricing Method for Stocks with Stochastic Volatility and Interest Rate
82 C. Khim
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
Image Analysis of Khmer Inscriptions
83 B. T. Kien
V. H. Nhu
A. Rösch
Lower Semicontinuity of the Solution Map to a Parametric Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
84 B. T. Kien
V. H. Nhu
N. H. Son
Second-order Optimality Conditions for a Semilinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
85 B. T. Kien
A. Rösch
D. Waschmuth
Necessary Optimality Conditions for Optimal Control Problem Governed by 3-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations with Pointwise Constraints
86 C. Kirches
F. Ding
C. Xiang
R. Longman
Numerical Methods for NMPC Based Operation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
87 J. Klein
C. Schlechtriem
R. Schultz
Computation of Maximal Dietary Burden for Fish Metabolism
88 O. Klein
P. Bastian
O. Ippisch
High-resolution Geostatistical Inversion of the Transient Richards Equation
89 K. H. Koch
K. Mombaur
Optimizing Design and Control of Lower Limb Exoskeletons for Paraplegic Patients
90 T. Koch
. the SCIP Team
The SCIP Optimization Suite - Past, Present, and Future
91 E. Kostina
G. Kriwet
Multilevel Iterations for Optimal Feedback Control of Partial Differential Equations
92 E. Kostina
H. Stibbe
Robust Optimal Feedback for Optimal Control Problems under Uncertainties
93 A. E. Kovtanyuk
A. Yu. Chebotarev
N. D. Botkin
K.-H. Hoffmann
Optimal Control Problem for Complex Heat Transfer Model
94 A. E. Kovtanyuk
I. V. Prokhorov
An Optical Imaging Problem of Layered Biological Tissues
95 J. Kratzke
V. Heuveline
Enhancing Imaging in Medical Engineering using HPC: Application to an Aortic Phantom
96 M. Kudruss
C. Kirches
K. Mombaur
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Walking Control on Humanoid Robots
97 P. Kunkel
V. Mehrmann
Optimal Control for DAEs, Formal Adjoints and Formal Optimality Conditions
98 G. A. Kurina
Decomposition of Discrete Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems for Two-Step Descriptor Systems
99 F. Kwok
Schwarz Methods for the Time-Parallel Solution of Parabolic Control Problems
100 M. Labbé
Bilevel Programming and Price Optimization Problems
101 S. Labbé
Domain decomposition for micromagnetism: how to manage non-local contribution?
102 F. Lenders
C. Kirches
H. G. Bock
Sequential Linear Equality Constrained Programming Methods and Applications in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
103 V. H. Linh
N. D. Truong
Some Efficient Schemes for Numerical Integration of Strangeness-free Differential-algebraic Equations
104 X. Liu
Optimization Based Approaches for Partial Eigenvalue Decomposition
105 N. H. Long
P. T. Tuyen
Strong Approximation for Highly Nonlinear Stochastic Functional Differential Equations with Distributed Delays
106 N. T. Long
V. C. Hoa
T. T. Thien
T. Q. Phong
N. L. Dung
Mechanical Computations on Metal Matrix Composite Material
107 R. Longman
Optimizing Design Choices in Repetitive Control Systems for Convergence Robustness
108 P. Maaß
Parameter Identification and Sparsity Constraints with Applications in Imaging
109 L. Marek
M. Vrabec
Confidence Interval for Relative Frequency - Sampling with Replacement
110 R. März
Differential-Algebraic Operators with Normally Solvable Linearizations and Optimization with DAEs
111 M. Mateos
I. Neitzel
A Priori Finite Element Discretization Error Estimates for Dirichlet Optimal Control Problems with Control and State Constraints
112 A. Maududie
W. C. Wibowo
The Enhancement of Rebuilding Centroid in K-Means Algorithm through Minimum Graph Forest
113 V. Mehrmann
D. D. Thuan
Stability Analysis of Implicit Difference Equations under Restricted Perturbations
114 T. Migot
J. Erhel
About Some Numerical Models for Geochemistry
115 J. Mikyska
Is Darcys Law Applicable for Modeling of Multicomponent Mixtures in Porous Media when Diffusion Is Not Neglected?
116 D. L. Minh
Regenerative Gibbs Samplings for Bayesian Networks
117 H. B. Minh
C. B. Minh
Balanced Truncation Method for Unstable Linear-time-invariant Systems
118 H. D. Mittelmann
D. Salvagnin
On Solving a Hard Quadratic 3-Dimensional Assignment Problem
119 F. Mollaamin
Computing a Potential Bio-fuel Cell of BNNT- FAD Complex by Modeling Methods
120 K. Mombaur
Improving Humanoid Walking Motions by Model-based Optimization
121 M. Monajjemi
A Nano-motor Simulation of BnNn (Rotor) and BN(-,0,+) B (stator) Applying for Detecting Biological Molecules in IR Regions
122 G. A. Müller
A. Schiela
Optimal Control of Dynamic Contact and Application to Knee Joint Prostheses
123 L. D. Muu
On the Tikhonov and Proximal Point Regularization Methods for Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems
124 N. C. Nam
T. A. Son
P. T. Hoai
A New Branch and Bound Algorithm for Solving the Maximum Edge-Weighted Clique Problem
125 N. T. Nam
G. Reinelt
Travel Time Estimation for Mixed Traffic Systems Dominated by Motorcycles
126 M. Nattermann
E. Kostina
Numerical Methods of Optimum Experimental Design Based on a Second-Order Analysis of Parameter Estimates
127 T.-T. Ngo
J.-H. Huang
C.-C. Wang
Hybrid Spline Difference Method for Heat Transfer in Ultrasonic Welding
128 D. M. Nguyen
F. Dambreville
A. Toumi
J. C. Cexus
A. Khenchaf
A Column Generation Approach for Coordination and Control of Multiple UAVs
129 H. T.-L. Nguyen
K.-C. T. Nguyen
V.-H. Nguyen
L. H. Le
Generation of Oblique Ultrasonic Excitations in Bone: A Numerical Study
130 T. D. Nguyen
S. J. Plimpton
Implementing Dissipative Particle Dynamics for Hybrid Supercomputers
131 M. Niezgodka
High-performance Data Analytics and Computing in Personalized Medicine: Some Challenges for Modellers and Mathematicians
132 D. T. Oanh
H. X. Phu
A New Stencil Selection Algorithm for RBF-FD Methods to Solve Poisson Equation
133 I. Pantle
C. Falquez Medina
B. Pritz
Coupled Unsteady Fluid-Dynamics and Aero-Acoustics Simulations of a Realistic Car Mirror - A Comparison of Cloud and High Performance Computing
134 R. Paulen
S. Engell
Design of Guaranteed Extended Kalman Filter Using Set Inversion Techniques
135 C. H. Pham
T. T. Nguyen
V. L. Nguyen
Electronic Band Structure of Bilayer Graphene Superlattices
136 V. N. Phat
N. H. Muoi
M. V. Bulatov
Finite-time Stability and Control of Linear DAEs with Delays
137 S. Pickenhain
A. Burtchen
An Indirect Pseudospectral Method for the Solution of Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
138 J. L. Pitarch
C. G. Palacin
A. Merino
C. Prada
Optimal Operation of an Evaporation Process
139 O. Polivka
J. Mikyska
Numerical Simulation of Compositional Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media with Applications in CO2 Sequestration
140 T. D. Quynh
P. N. B. Thang
N. Q. Thuan
Optimization of Traffic Signals In Networks Considering Rerouting
141 T. Richter
A Geometric Multigrid Solver for Fluid-Structure Interactions
142 T. Richter
T. Wick
A Partition-of-unity Based Variational Localization of the DWR Estimator with Application to Nonlinear Fluids and Solids
143 F. Roosta-Khorasani
G. J. Szekely
U. Ascher
Assessing Stochastic Algorithms for Large Scale Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
144 R. M. Schemschat
D. Clever
K. Mombaur
Analysis of Human Push Recovery Based on Mathematical Models
145 N. Schoch
S. Engelhardt
N. Zimmermann
S. Speidel
R. De Simone
I. Wolf
V. Heuveline
Cognition-guided Surgery or How to Integrate Surgical Expert Knowledge into an HPC-based FEM Surgery Simulation?
146 A. Schubert
K. Mombaur
Analyzing Dynamic Motions in Artistic Contexts
147 R. Schultz
T. Wollenberg
Risk Averse Decision Making for Unit Commitment Under Uncertainty in ACGrids via Stochastic Semidefinite Programming
148 C. Schütte
Optimal Control of Complex Molecular Processes: A Mathematical Challenge
149 D. E. Schwarz
R. Lamour
Discovery of Singular Points in DAE Models
150 N. T. Son
T. Stykel
Parametric Model Order Reduction via Interpolation of Gramians
151 A. Steinbrecher
QUALIDAES - A Software Package for the Numerical Integration of Quasi-Linear DAEs
152 M. Strehler
Combining Optimal Control and Combinatorial Optimization Approaches for Energy-efficient Routing of Hybrid Vehicles
153 S. Subramanian
S. Lucia
S. Engell
Economic Multi-stage Output Feedback Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on the Innovations Sampling Using Unscented Kalman Filter
154 N. Tauchnitz
Pontryagins Maximum Principle for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints
155 K. K. Thampi
Asymptotics of Randomly Weighted Sums of Dependent Heavy Tailed Random Variables with Regular Variation
156 V. T. Than
D. Hernandez
J.-H. Huang
A Simple Analytical Model for Predicting Frequency Response Function of a Spindle
157 T. N. Thang
N. T. B. Kim
B. V. Chung
Outcome Space Algorithm for Generalized Multiplicative Problem and Optimization over the Efficient Set
158 M. D. Thanh
Building and Testing Well-balanced Numerical Schemes for a Model of Two-phase Flows
159 J. Thiedau
M. C. Steinbach
Minimum Cost Gas Transport with Renewable Electric Energy
160 N. Q. Thuan
P. N. B. Thang
N. V. Thu
Scheduling and Optimizing the Headway of Bus Rapid Transit
161 N. T. T. Thuy
Regularization Methods for Accretive Variational Inequality
162 N. T. T. Thuy
P. T. Hieu
Regularization Methods for Nonexpansive Semigroups on Hilbert Spaces
163 M. B. Tran
Nonlinear Approximation Theory for the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation
164 T. T. Tran
W. R. Hwang
Extensional Stress Investigation of Bubble Bursting for Design and Optimization a Bioreactor for Animal Cell Culture
165 A. Trykozko
B. Luczak-Wilamowska
Computational Modeling of Flows at Pore Scale with Application to Study Properties of Landfills Isolations
166 F. Vicario
A. Albanese
D. Wang
N. Karamolegkos
N. W. Chbat
Simultaneous Parameter and Input Estimation of a Respiratory Mechanics Model
167 F. Vicario
M. Q. Phan
R. W. Longman
R. Betti
Generalized Framework of OKID for Linear State-Space Model Identification
168 F. Vicario
M. Q. Phan
R. W. Longman
R. Betti
An All-Interaction-Matrix Approach to Linear and Bilinear System Identification
169 N. Q. Vinh
N. D. Anh
Simulating Calculation of the Firefighting Water Flow by using the ANSYS Software
170 E. B. Weinmueller
Collocation - a Powerful Tool for Solving Singular ODEs and DAEs
171 T. Wick
W. Wollner
Differentiability of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems with Respect to the Data
172 S. Wiesberg
G. Reinelt
Classification of Trading Networks with Nonlinear Integer Models
173 M. Wlotzka
V. Heuveline
Parallel Multi-physics Simulations using OpenPALM with Application to Hydro- biogeo-chemistry Coupling
174 N. Wollenberg
M. Gendreau
W. Rei
R. Schultz
Reverse Logistics under Uncertainty
175 I. P. Yarovenko
The Method for Detection the Surface of Activity Discontinues in Positron Emissuion Tomography
176 P. Yonthanthum
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Plant Leaf Cell Photosynthesis

List of Cancelled Contributions (after February 15, 2015)

Authors Title Date of Cancellation
S. Adly
R. Cibulka
H. V. Ngai
Metric Regularity and Newton’s Method for Solving Generalized Equations March 9, 2015
S. K. Agrawal
Design and Optimization of Differentially Flat Robot Systems March 10, 2015
P. Berka
Using Exploration Trees in the Loan Applications Domain March 3, 2015
M. Borrel
L. Halpern
J. Ryan
Euler-Navier-Stokes Iterative Coupling Feb. 19, 2015
K. Brenner
D. Hilhorst
H-C. Vu-Do
A Gradient Scheme for the Signorini Problem March 2, 2015
M. V. Bulatov
Some Properties of Matrix Polynomial and its Application March 3, 2015
M. V. Bulatov
O. S. Budnikova
Regions of Stability of Multistep Methods for One Class Integral-Algebraic Equations Feb. 27, 2015
M. V. Bulatov
M. N. Machkhina
Non-classical Method for Stiff Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind Feb. 27, 2015 K
S. S. Chernov
A. A. Sushchenko
Contract Sonar images for Edje Tech Sonar March 10, 2015
V. F. Chistyakov
T. D. Phuong
Properties of Singular Linear-quadratic Control Problem and Euler-Poisson Equations Feb. 28, 2015
I. Diarrassouba
A. R. Mahjoub
The k-Edge-Connected 3-Hop-Constrained Network Design Problem Polyhedra:Integer Programming Formulations and Branch-and-Cut Feb. 28, 2015
S. I. Eliseev
A. A. Kudryavtsev
Application of Scientific Computing in Plasmas and Gas Discharge Physics March 6, 2015
N. T. Khuyen
T. D. Phuong
On the Concept of Vector Characteristic Exponents in Differential-Algebraic Equations March 1, 2015
E. O. Kovalenko
A. A. Sushchenko
Creating a Cloud Service for Filtering Sonar Images March 10, 2015
R. Lenz
R. Schwarz
F. Serrano
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Optimal Loop Extensions in Gas Networks Feb. 23, 2015
M. Minoux
V. H. Nguyen
P. Bonami
Improving Solution for a Graph Partitioning Problem under Capacity Constraint March 12, 2015
P. Neittaanmaeki
I. Poeloenen
T. Tuovinen
N. Neittaanmaeki
M. Groenroos
Skin Cancer Analytics with Miniaturised Hyperspectral Imager based on Reflectance Model March 2, 2015
H. H. Nguyen
Ruin Probabilities for Risk Models with Constant Interest March 18, 2015
L. Palagi
V. Piccialli
G. Rinaldi
M. Salami
Solution of Binary Quadratic Problems via Hybrid Relaxations March 10, 2015
G. C. Papanicolaou
Recent Advances in Imaging Science Feb. 28, 2015
M. F. Wheeler
Modeling Flow, Chemistry and Mechanics in Porous Media Feb. 16, 2015

List of Talks which were neither Cancelled nor Presented

Authors Title Organization
C. N. Khai
N. X. Hung
Application of Numerical Simulation to Optimize Workpiece Designs and Processes in Industrial Forming Engineering and Numerical Simulation Co., Ltd (ENSCO), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
K. Manickam
P. Prakash
Finite Element Approximations for Fractional Parabolic Optimal Control Problems - a Priori Error Estimates Department of Mathematics, Periyar University, Tamil Nadu, India
N. H. N. Minh
L. M. Duc
C. Baril
V. Gascon
D. B. Tien
Heuristics to Solve Appointment Scheduling Problem in Chemotherapy Faculty of Information Technology, University of Science - Vietnam National University,, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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