Invited Lectures

 Uri Ascher (Vancouver) Computational Methods for Distributed Parameter Estimation with Aplication to Inversion of 3D Electromagnetic Data
 Roland Bulirsch (Munich) Virtual Reality Symbiosis of Science and Art
 Zhiming Chen (Beijing) A Posteriori Error Analysis and Adaptive Computation for Wave Scattering by Periodic Structures
 Felix L. Chernousko (Moscow) Simulation and Optimization of Crawling Robots
 Peter Deuflhard (Berlin) Computational Drug Design in the Virtual Lab
 Andreas Griewank (Dresden) Automatic Analysis and Evaluation of Scarce Jacobian Matrices
 Van Lien Nguyen (Hanoi) Electron Transport in Disordered Nano-Structures: Computer Simulation
 Masayasu Mimura (Hiroshima) Spatio-Temporal Patterns in far from Equilibrium States from the Viewpoints of Chemical and Biological Systems
 Bijan Mohammadi (Montpellier) Design and Control of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems for Microfluidic Applications
 Michael Robert Osborne (Canberra) An Approach to Parameter Estimation and Model Selection in Differential Equations

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(International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing, March 10-14, 2003, Hanoi, Vietnam)