5th International Conference on
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
March 5-9, 2012 — Hanoi, Vietnam
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List of Presented Contributions

Ord. Authors Title
1 A. Adimurthi
Optimal Controllability for Scalar Conservation Laws
2 P. T. An
D. T. Giang
H. X. Phu
L. H. Trang
Efficient Convex Hull Algorithms in 2D and 3D based on the Idea of the Method of Orienting Curves
3 P. K. Anh
C. V. Chung
Parallel CQ-Methods for a Finite Family of Relatively Nonexpansive Mappings
4 Th. Apel
J. Pfefferer
A. Roesch
Elliptic Neumann Boundary Control Problems: FE Error Estimates for Quasi-uniform and Graded Meshes
5 D. A. Aruliah
R. Murray
F. Qureshi
L. Zarrabeitia
Toward Accurate Methods for Forensic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
6 U. Ascher
K. van den Doel
Chaotic Regularization
7 S. Aseev
V. M. Veliov
Necessary Optimality Conditions and Approximations for Infinite-Horizon Optimal Control
8 F. Assassa
A. Hartwich
W. Marquardt
A Theoretical Analysis of the Condition of Mathematical Programs Resulting from Direct Shooting Approaches
9 M. Ballerstein
D. Michaels
R. Weismantel
The Convex Hull of Function Vectors
10 P. Bastian
C. Engwer
P. Hron
O. Ippisch
Simulation of Multiphase Multicomponent Reactive Flow in the Capillary Fringe
11 S. Bechmann
M. Frey
A. Rund
H. J. Pesch
Bridges from ODE Optimal Control to PDE Optimal Control
12 V. Yu. Belokon
V. A. Ivanov
K. V. Nefedev
Scalling Algorithm of the Parallel Execution for Numerical Simulation of a Magnetic Dipoles System
13 P. Belotti
J. Góez
I. Pólik
T. Terlaky
Cone Linear Optimization (CLO): From LO, SOCO and SDO towards Mixed Integer CLO
14 P. Benner
Numerical Computation of Robust Controllers for Parabolic Systems
15 P. Benner
T. Breiten
Interpolatory Reduction Methods for Parameter-dependent Dynamic Control Systems
16 P. Benner
L. Feng
Parametric Model Order Reduction Based on Multi-Moment-Matching and an Acceleration Strategy
17 N. V. Bo
M. Buffoni
K. Willcox
B. C. Khoo
Model Reduction for Reacting Flow Applications
18 H. G. Bock
E. Kostina
J. P. Schloeder
Convergence of Constraint Gauss-Newton Methods, Well-Posedness of Parameter Estimation Problems and the Reliability of Confidence Estimates
19 R. Borndörfer
Railway Optimization and Integer Programming
20 H. M. Brown
M. Q. Phan
S. A. Ketcham
Source Signal Recovery in Short-Duration Large-Domain Wave Propagation
21 M. Buerger
D. Zelazo
F. Allgöwer
Dynamics, Control and Cooperation in Multi-agent Systems
22 J. A. Burns
X. He
W. Hu
Feedback Control of Hybrid PDE Systems with Applications to the Operation of Energy Efficient Buildings
23 A. Busaman
S. Chuai-Aree
S. Siripant
W. Kanbua
Algorithm and Software for Simulation and Visualization of Water Flooding in Thailand Based on Shallow Water Equation
24 M. Caliari
A. Ostermann
S. Rainer
Meshfree Integrators for Evolution Equations
25 M. Call
D. Karch
New Cutting Planes for the Shortest Path Routing Polytope
26 T. Carraro
A Primal-dual Active Set Strategy for Optimal Experimental Design in the Framework of PDEs
27 A. Yu. Chebotarev
Stabilization of Unstable Equilibrium States in Magnetohydrodynamics
28 V. F. Chistyakov
T. D. Phuong
Investigation of Stability of Differential Algebraic Equations Using Their Perturbed Analogue
29 S. Chuai-Aree
S. Siripant
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
Algorithm for Plant Growth Measurement Using RGM and VGM
30 G. Claßen
A. M. C. A. Koster
M. Kutschka
I. Tahiri
Generalized Metric Inequalities for Robust Network Design
31 C. Crespelle
M. Latapy
T. H. D. Phan
Multipartite Graphs as Model of Complex Networks
32 R. Croce
D. Ruprecht
R. Krause
Parallel-in-Space-and-Time Simulation of the Three-Dimensional, Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equations for Incompressible Flow
33 P. T. Cuong
J. A. Teixeira de Freitas
Numerical Modelling of the Hydration of Cement in Concrete
34 F. D'Andreagiovanni
M. Grötschel
Improving the Efficiency of Algorithms for Survivable Multi-layer Network Design
35 F. D'Andreagiovanni
C. Mannino
A. Sassano
Solving Wireless Network Design Problems by Cycle Deletion
36 I. Daubechies
Sparsity in Data Analysis and Computation
37 A. Dick
O. Koch
R. Maerz
E. B. Weinmueller
Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Singular Index-1 DAEs
38 H. Diedam
S. Sager
Global Optimal Control using Direct Multiple Shooting
39 B. V. Dinh
L. D. Muu
On Penalty and Gap Function Methods for Bilevel Equilibrium Problems
40 D. V. Dung
N. X. Truc
N. T. Hung
Applying Energy Balance Conditions for Estimating Local Scour Depths at Bridge Piers
41 P. Dutt
A. Husain
A.S.V. Murthy
C.S. Upadhyay
Preconditioners for Three Dimensional Elliptic Problems on Non-smooth Domains
42 M. Engelhart
J. Funke
S. Sager
Optimization-based Analysis and Training in Complex Problem Solving
43 M. Felis
K. Mombaur
A. Berthoz
Mathematical Modeling of Emotional Body Language during Human Walking
44 R. I. Fernandes
G. Fairweather
An ADI Orthogonal Spline Collocation Method for Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Systems
45 D. C.-L. Fong
M. A. Saunders
CG Versus MINRES: An Empirical Comparison
46 J. V. Frasch
L. Wirsching
H. G. Bock
S. Sager
Fast Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of Automotive Systems using Multi-Level Iteration Schemes for Multicore Architectures
47 M. A. Freitag
A. Spence
Solving Matrix Nearness Problems using the Implicit Determinant Method
48 R. M. Freund
H. Men
N. C. Nguyen
J. Peraire
J. Saa-Seoane
Metamaterial Design using Reduced Basis Method and Interior-Point Methods
49 A. Fügenschuh
B. Hiller
J. Humpola
T. Koch
T. Lehmann
R. Schwarz
J. Schweiger
Solving Nonconvex MIQCP arising in Gas Network Extension Planning
50 A. M. Gambaruto
Modelling Haemodynamics in Small Vessels
51 T. J. Gellert
F. G. König
R. H. Möhring
Scheduling Multiple Cranes on a Shared Pathway
52 M. Gerdts
Optimal Control and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis in Driver Assistance Systems
53 A.-L. Gerner
K. Veroy
The Certified Reduced Basis Method for Saddle Point Problems
54 R. Gollmer
R. Schultz
C. Stangl
Feasibility Checks in Stationary Models of Gas Transport
55 R. Gollmer
R. Schultz
C. Stangl
Structural Considerations in Stationary Models of Gas Transport
56 M. Griebel
A. Hullmann
Fast Methods for Dimensionality Reduction Based on the Generative Topographic Mapping
57 M. Griebel
D. R. Wissel
Fast Approximation Algorithms for Kernel Methods
58 V. Guenther
R. H. Moehring
J. Schulz
Green Cities: Network Flow Techniques for Plannig Green Space Provisioning
59 M. Gyllenberg
Dynamics of Structured Populations: Modelling and Analysis
60 S. Götschel
M. Weiser
Lossy Compression of State Trajectories
61 A. Günnel
R. Herzog
Optimal Control in Elasticity for Large Deformations
62 T. X. D. Ha
Optimality Conditions for Solutions of Set-valued Equilibrium Problems
63 E. Hansen
A. Ostermann
Splitting Methods for Semilinear Reaction-diffusion Equations
64 F. M. Hante
S. Sager
On Mixed-Integer Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations
65 D. N. Hao
T. N. T. Quyen
Convergence Rates for Tikhonov Regularization of Coefficient Identification Problems in Elliptic Equations
66 K. Hatz
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
Estimating Parameters in Optimal Control Problems - Numerical Methods and Computational Results for Identifying Cerebral Palsy Gaits
67 G. Heilporn
M. Labbé
P. Marcotte
G. Savard
Network Pricing and Bilevel Optimization
68 C. Helmberg
P. Hoffmann
Experiments on Robust Network Capacity Design in Telecommunication based on a Second Order Cone Model for Chance Constraints
69 R. Herzog
F. Schmidt
On Worst-Case Robust Optimal Control of PDEs
70 N. T. Hien
O. Kaneko
S. Yamamoto
Data-driven Approach to IMC for Unstable Plants
71 N. T. Hieu
Nitsche's Method for a Mass Transport Problem in Two-phase Incompressible Flows
72 B. Hiller
T. Klug
A. Tuchscherer
Advanced Online Algorithms for Real-world Elevator Control
73 N. T. Hoai
G. A. Kurina
Asymptotic Solution of Linear-Quadratic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients and Cheap Control
74 K.-L. H. Hoang
K. Mombaur
S. Wolf
A 3D Multi-body Model to Investigate Postural Stability in Dynamic Human Locomotion
75 N.-D. Hoang
Algorithmic Cost Allocation Games
76 K.-H. Hoffmann
Modelling of CO_2 Sequestration and Numerical Simulation
77 N. Q. Hung
N. Thoai
N. T. Son
Energy-Aware Lease Scheduling in Virtualized Data Centers
78 P. G. Hung
L. D. Muu
The Tikhonov Regularization Method Extended to Equilibrium Problems Involving Pseudomonotone Bifunctions
79 T. Huschto
S. Sager
Numerical Solution of an Uncertain Conspicuous Consumption Model in Periods of Recession
80 D. B. P. Huynh
D. J. Knezevic
A. T. Patera
Certified Static Condensation Reduced Basis Element Method
81 D. Janka
S. Körkel
S. Sager
Separable Formulations of Optimum Experimental Design Problems
82 T. Januschowski
M. E. Pfetsch
The Maximum k-Colorable Subgraph Problem and Symmetry
83 I. Joormann
Analyzing Conflicts in Natural Gas Networks
84 M. Jung
S. Sager
The Lagrangian Relaxation for the Combinatorial Integral Approximation Problem
85 E. Kammann
F. Tröltzsch
A Posteriori Error Estimation for Optimal Controls with Application to POD
86 G. Keller
S. Praetorius
A. Voigt
Modeling Ink Flow in Paper - a Capillary Driven Two-phase Flow Problem in a Complicated Geometry
87 N. T. B. Kim
N. C. Nam
L. Q. Thuy
An Outcome Space Algorithm for Minimizing the Product of Two Convex Functions over a Convex Set
88 R. Kircheis
S. Koerkel
Parameter Estimation for PDE Problems using a Reduced Approach in a Multi-experiment Context
89 C. Kirches
S. Leyffer
A. Mahajan
QP Diving
90 T. Koch
From Simulation to Optimzation
91 A. Koskela
A. Ostermann
Exponential Taylor Methods - Analysis and Implementation
92 E. Kostina
M. Nattermann
A Higher Order Sensitivity Analysis of Parameter Estimation Problems and its Effect on the Design of Robust Optimal Experiments
93 A. E. Kovtanyuk
N. D. Botkin
K.-H. Hoffmann
Numerical Simulations of a Coupled Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer Model
94 I. Kucuk
I. Sadek
I. Emiroglu
Active Time-Delayed Control of Smart Plate
95 K. Kunisch
C. Nagaiah
G. Plank
M. Wagner
An Optimal Control Approach to Cardiac Electrophysiology
96 P. Kunkel
V. Mehrmann
Stability Concepts for Differential-Algebraic Equations and Corresponding Discretizations
97 G. A. Kurina
Solution of Inverse Problem of the Variational Calculus for Differential Equations of Second Order with Deviating Argument
98 S. Körkel
Optimum Experimental Design for Differential Equation Models
99 U. Ledzewicz
H. Schaettler
Analysis and Numerical Simulations of Optimal Controls in Mathematical Models for Cancer Treatments
100 C.-H. Lee
J.-N. Juang
System Identification for A General Class of Observable and Reachable Bilinear Systems
101 P. G. LeFloch
Asymptotic-preserving Approximations of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations
102 H. A. Le Thi
T. Pham Dinh
N. D. Yen
Properties of Two DC Algorithms in Quadratic Programming
103 R. J. LeVeque
M. J. Berger
D. L. George
K. T. Mandli
Numerical Modeling of Tsunamis and Storm Surge
104 P. Lin
M. Q. Phan
S. A. Ketcham
State-Space Model and Observer/Kalman Filter Gain Identification by a Superspace Method
105 V. H. Linh
V. Mehrmann
QR and SVD Methods for Spectral Analysis of Linear Differential-algebraic Equations
106 V. H. Linh
V. Mehrmann
Efficient Computation of Lyapunov and Sacker-Sell Spectra for DAEs with Half-explicit Methods
107 R. W. Longman
F. Gao
Experience Using SQP Methods to Design Iterative Learning Controllers
108 V. T. Luan
A. Ostermann
Higher-order Exponential Rosenbrock-type Methods
109 S. Lucia
T. Finkler
D. Basak
S. Engell
Robust Model Predictive Control by Scenario-based Multi-stage Optimization
110 V. Lykina
On Numerical Aspects of Solving Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
111 D.-K. Mao
M. A. Ullah
W. B. Gao
Conservative Front-Tracking Method for 2D Euler System and Numerical Simulation of Shock-Bubble Interactions
112 N. Marheineke
R. Wegener
Efficient Simulation of Fiber-Fluid Interactions based on Asymptotic Cosserat Models and Homogenization Techniques
113 T. Meier
M. Reichelt
A. Walther
Optimization of Nano-structure Devices
114 C. Meyer
S. Schnepp
O. Thoma
Optimal Control of Particle Accelerators
115 J. J. Miau
Analyzing the Experimental Fluid Dynamics Data with Hilbert and Wavelet Transforms
116 H. Milosevic
A. D. Rychkov
Measurement Inaccuracy of Temperature Profile in Solid Propellant by Thermocouple
117 D. L. Minh
D. D. L. Minh
A. L. Nguyen
Regenerative Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Any Distribution
118 T. Mitsui
D. G. Yakubu
Two-step Family of "Look-ahead" Linear Multistep Method for ODEs
119 K. Mombaur
W. Potthast
T. Stein
A Mathematical Study of Sprinting on Artificial Legs
120 M. S. Mommer
A. Sommer
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
A Nonlinear Preconditioner for Experimental Design Problems
121 R.-P. Mundani
E. Rank
Efficient Communication for the Distributed Matrix Assembly towards Massive Parallel HPC
122 P. Q. Muoi
P. Maass
Sparsity Regularization of the Diffusion Coefficient Identification Problem: Theory and Numerical Solutions
123 R. H. Möhring
Pricing and Routing in Traffic Networks and Logistics
124 P. T. Nam
P. N. Pathirana
H. Trinh
Static Output Feedback Stabilization for State/Input Delay Systems
125 K. V. Nefedev
P. D. Andrushchenko
Universal Oder Parameter for Second Kind Phase Transition
126 K. V. Nefedev
V. Yu. Kapitan
High Performance Calculation of Magnetic Properties and Simulation of Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Co-nanofilms
127 A. Nemili
E. Oezkaya
N. R. Gauger
A. Carnarius
F. Thiele
Optimal Active Flow Control Using Discrete Adjoints
128 A. Ngo
P. Bastian
O. Ippisch
R. Schwede
W. L.
O. A. Cirpka
Massively Parallel Geostatistical Inversion of Coupled Processes in Heterogeneous Porous Media
129 H. C. Nguyen
C. H. Pham
V. L. Nguyen
T-matrix Approach to Studying Electronic Properties of Graphene Nanostructures
130 P. A. Nguyen
J.-P. Raymond
Nonhomogeneous Navier-Stokes Equations and Control Problems
131 T. Nguyen
B. Jüttler
Volume Parameterization Methods for Isogeometric Analysis
132 M. Niezgódka
A. Trykozko
Complex Flows through Multi-scale Porous Media with Variable Dead Core
133 D. T. Oanh
On Near-Optimal Scaling Parameters of RBFs for RBF-FD Approximation of Poisson Equation
134 A. Ostermann
K. Schratz
Stability of Exponential Operator Splitting Methods for Non-contractive Semigroups
135 M. Othman
S. Rakhimov
J. Sulaiman
A Parallel Four Points AOR Iterative Algorithm for Solving Poisson Problem on Shared Memory Architecture
136 T. N. Phan
T. K. Dang
FT^{ST}-Tree: A Trajectory Privacy Protection-Enabling Spatio-Temporal Index Structure for Moving Object Databases
137 V. N. Phat
Robust Stability and Stabilization of Linear Polytopic Discrete-time Systems with Interval Time-varying Delays
138 S. Pickenhain
Hilbert Space Methods for the Solution of Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
139 A. Potschka
H. G. Bock
Optimization with Time-periodic PDE Constraints: Numerical Methods and Applications
140 C. de Prada
S. Cristea
R. Mazaeda
L. G. Palacin
Optimum Operation of a Beer Filtration Process
141 I. V. Prokhorov
Control Problems of Refractive Index of Immersion Liquids in Imaging of Biological Tissues
142 J. Qian
F. Schalekamp
D. P. Williamson
A. van Zuylen
The Subtour LP for the Traveling Salesman Problem
143 D. Quang A
T. H. Hai
Numerical Solution of a Problem for Plates with a Partial Internal Support
144 A. Quarteroni
G. Rozza
T. Lassila
A. Manzoni
Reduced Basis Method and Free-shape Parametrizations as Computational and Geometrical Reduction Strategies
145 J.-P. Raymond
Coupling Pressure Measurements and Boundary Control for the Stabilization of Fluid Flows
146 S. Rebennack
J. Kallrath
Optimal Linear Approximations for MINLP Problems
147 F. Rendl
A. Wiegele
Towards Higher Order Semidefinite Relaxations for Cut Problems
148 O. Richter
Modeling Large Scale Invasion of New Species under Temperature Change by Reaction-diffusion Equations
149 T. Richter
Fluid Structure Interaction in Fully Eulerian Coordinates
150 S. Ritraksa
S. Siripant
S. Chuai-Aree
Modeling and Visualization of Blood Flow
151 A. Rund
H. J. Pesch
New Jump Conditions in State-constrained Optimal Control for a Coupled ODE-PDE System
152 I. Sadek
I. Kucuk
S. Adali
Optimal Vibration Control of Thin Plates with Oblique Piezoelectric Patches
153 H. Schaettler
U. Ledzewicz
On the Structure of Optimal Controls for Combined Radiotherapy and Anti-Angiogenic Treatments
154 A. Schiela
M. Weiser
An Inexact Composite Step Method in Function Space
155 C. Schillings
S. Schmidt
V. H. Schulz
Fast Methods for Certain and Uncertain Shape Optimization
156 A. Schmidt
S. Körkel
H. G. Bock
Reduced Order Modeling for Experimental Design and Parameter Estimation Problems
157 M. Schmidt
M. C. Steinbach
B. M. Willert
Mathematical Challenges in Determining Gas Network Capacities
158 S. Schmieder
A. Martin
Life Cycle Optimization for Infrastructures
159 H. J. Schroll
High Resolution FV Methods for Hyperbolic Balance Laws with Multiplicative Noise
160 A. Schubert
K. Mombaur
M. Hager
J. Funke
Mathematical Models of Perception and Generation of Art Works by Dynamic Motions
161 V. Schulz
C. Schillings
On the Treatment of Uncertainties in Aerodynamic Design
162 V. Schulz
S. Schmidt
M. Berggren
Shape Optimization for Wave Emitters
163 Ch. Schwab
Sparse Tensor Discretizations of PDEs with Random Input
164 P. Selyshchev
Modeling of Radiation-induced Excitation and Damage of Macromolecules and Clusters
165 R. Shorten
M. Corless
S. Sajja
S. Solmaz
On Padé Approximations, Quadratic Stability and Discretization of Switched Linear Systems
166 K. Shyue
Interface-sharpening Methods for Compressible Flow Problems
167 M. Sini
N. T. Thanh
Recursive Optimization Methods for Inverse Obstacle Scattering Problems
168 T. Steinle
J. Vrabec
A. Walther
Dynamic Simulation of Particle-filled Hollow Spheres
169 M. Tabata
Numerical Simulations of Two-fluid Flow Problems by a Galerkin characteristic Finite Element Scheme
170 T. Tang
A General Moving Mesh Framework for Simulating Multi-Phase Flows
171 N. Tauchnitz
Time Optimal Control of a Double Water-tank System
172 D. D. Thang
On a Lavrentiev Finite Element Solution of the Data Completion problem
173 M. D. Thanh
Numerical Treatment in Resonant Regime for Shallow Water Equations with Variable Topography
174 P. X. Thanh
O. Steinbach
Boundary Element Methods for Parabolic Boundary Control Problems
175 M. V. Thuan
V. N. Phat
Dynamic Output Feedback Stabilization of Linear Systems with Nonsmooth Time-varying Delays in States and Outputs
176 K. Tomoeda
Numerical Approach to the Non-stationary Seepage in the Flow through an Absorbing Medium
177 Q. Tran Dinh
I. Necoara
C. Savorgnan
M. Diehl
Smoothing Techniques and Dual Decomposition in Structured Large-Scale Optimization and Applications
178 O. Tse
R. Pinnau
Optimal Control of Natural Convection-Radiation in Glass Melting Furnaces
179 D. A. Tuan
B. H. Jeon
Analysis and Computation of Electron Transport Coefficients in Cl_2-He Mixtures Using a Two-term Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation for Energy
180 H. N. Tuan
N. D. Yen
Convergence of Pham Dinh-Le Thi's Algorithm for the Trust-region Subproblem
181 S. Ulbrich
J. C. Ziems
Adaptive Multilevel Optimization with Reduced Order Models for PDE-constrained Problems
182 H. Umeo
Synchronization Algorithms for Multi-Dimensional Cellular Arrays
183 Q. D. Vu
P. Li
An Improved Direct Multiple Shooting Approach Combined with Collocation and Parallel Computing to Handle Path Constraints in Dynamic Nonlinear Optimization
184 H. H. Vui
Global Error Bounds for Some Classes of Multivariate Polynomials
185 K. Walkowiak
J. Rak
Optimization Issues in Distributed Computing Systems Design
186 A. Walther
Solving Large-scale Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problems: A Parallel AD-based Approach
187 C. K. F. Weiler
A. Badinski
Optimum Experimental Design for Estimating Mobility Parameter in Organic Semiconductors
188 M. Weiser
Goal-oriented Estimation for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems
189 D. Wenzke
S. Pickenhain
Integral Transformations of Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
190 T. Wick
Optimal Control for Fluid-Structure Interaction with Application to Heart Valve Settings
191 Z. Win
Strong Branch Weight Centroids of a Tree
192 W. Wollner
Adaptive Finite Element Discretizations in Structural Optimization
193 R. Zivanovic
Automatic Spectral Collocation for Higher-Order ODE State Estimation

List of Cancelled Contributions (after February 1, 2012)

Authors Title Date of Cancellation
M. V. Bulatov
O. S. Budnikova
Numerical Solution of Integro-algebraic Equations of Multistep Methods Feb. 14, 2012
M. V. Bulatov
N. P. Rakhvalov
T. D. Phuong
Numerical Methods of Solution of Boundary-value Problem for Differential-algebraic Equations of the Second Order Feb. 14, 2012
E. V. Chistyakova
On the Convergence Property for Differential Algebraic Equations Modeling Transient Hydraulic Circuits Feb. 14, 2012
C. G. Demayo
J. A. Serapio IV
M. M. E. Manting
M. A. J. Torres
Determination of Developmental Modules and Conservatism in the Outer Wings of Two Species of Cockroaches using Landmark-based Geometric Morphometrics Feb. 13, 2012
A. B. Demchyshyn
P. O. Selyshchev
Modelling of Overlapping Ion Tracks Structure in Solids Feb. 13, 2012
H. R. N. V. Erp
R. O. Linger
P. H. A. J. M. V. Gelder
Using C-splines and Bayesian Analysis for the Interpolation of Scattered Data Feb. 13, 2012
G. C. Hazarika
Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer of a Micropolar Fluid Towards a Vertical Permeable Surface Feb. 20, 2012
C.-T. Lin
Central-upwind schemes for Some Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Nonlinear Terms Feb. 20, 2012
T. Slawig
C. Kratzenstein
J. Piwonski
M. Priess
S. Koziel
Parameter Identification in 3-D Marine Ecosystem Models Feb. 23, 2012
R. M. Slevinsky
H. Safouhi
A Generalized Transformation and a New Algorithm for Computing Infinite-Range Integrals High Performance Scientific Computing Feb. 12, 2012
N. C. Thuong
D. T. Anh
Comparing three Lower Bounding Techniques for DTW in Time Series Classification Feb. 13, 2012
V. Varduhn
R.-P. Mundani
E. Rank
Large Scale Flooding Scenario Simulation for Complex Geometries Mar. 7, 2012

List of Talks which were neither Cancelled nor Presented

Authors Title Organization
T. S. Chingtham
G. Sahoo
M. K. Ghose
Autonomous Motion Planning for a Maze Navigator Robot Using the Self and Non-Self Immunity Discrimination Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim, India
N.-S. Liou
M.-C. Chuang
Developing Linear Viscoelastic Constitutive Models of Epoxy with Nano Particles from Compression Test Data by Using Inverse Finite Element Analyses Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Taiwan University, Tainan City, Taiwan
V. P. Nguyen
C. Prins
C. Prodhon
Models and Methods for the Location-routing Problem in the Two-echelon Transportation Systems Institute of Charles Delaunay, Troyes University of Technology, Troyes, France
P. N. Thang
Combination of Second-order Interpolation with Loop Transformation for the Measuring Fluid Parameters in Multi-channel System Faculty of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education, Hung Yen, Vietnam

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