4th International Conference on
High Performance Scientific Computing
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes
March 2-6, 2009 — Hanoi, Vietnam
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List of Contributions

Ord. Authors Title
1 D. Q. A
Iterative Method for Solving Strongly Mixed Boundary Value Problems for Biharmonic Equations
2 H. Ammari
H. Kang
H. Lee
M. Lim
H. Zribi
Blow-Up of Electric Field in Presence of Closely Located Inclusions
3 L. T. T. An
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Drug Resistance in Infectious Diseases
4 B. V. Anh
Apply Non-Deterministic Duration Automata in Modeling Priority Network
5 P. K. Anh
C. V. Chung
V. T. Dzung
A Parallel Iterative Regularization Method for Solving Systems of Operator Equations
6 P. N. Anh
An Interior Proximal Method for Solving Pseudomonotone Nonlipschitzian Multivalued Variational Inequalities
7 H. Arellano-Garcia
T. Barz
G. Wozny
Model-based Experimental Analysis for the Determination of Nonlinear Adsorption Isotherms
8 M. Armbruster
M. Fügenschuh
C. Helmberg
A. Martin
A Comparative Study of Linear and Semidefinite Branch-and-Cut Methods for Solving the Minimum Graph Bisection Problem
9 U. Ascher
On Inverse Problems, Regularization, Level Sets and Conjugate Gradients
10 D. T. Ba
A Parallel Algorithm for Automatic Reservoir History Matching on PC Networks
11 G. Bayada
Free Boundary Problems in Thin Film Hydrodynamic Lubrication Problems
12 D. Beigel
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Balancing Efficiency and Accuracy in the Solution of Optimal Control Problems
13 P. Belotti
J. Lee
L. Liberti
F. Margot
A. Waechter
Branching Techniques and Valid Linear Inequalities for Mixed-Integer Nonconvex Programming
14 T. Binder
E. Kostina
Robust Parameter Estimation based on Huber Estimator in Systems of Differential Equations
15 R. E. Bixby
Mixed-Integer Programming - It works
16 H. G. Bock
E. Kostina
S. M. Lenz
J. P. Schlöder
Initial Satellite Orbit Determination with a Direct Multiple Shooting Method
17 S. Borchers
P. Rumschinski
S. Bosio
R. Weismantel
R. Findeisen
Model Invalidation and Parameter Estimation of Biochemical Reaction Networks via Semidefinite Programming
18 R. Borndörfer
C. Cardonha
A Non-linear Approach to the Vehicle Positioning Problem
19 R. Borndörfer
M. Grötschel
N. D. Hoang
Cost Allocation Problem: Fair Ticket Prices in Public Transport
20 N. D. Botkin
V. L. Turova
Simulation of Cell Shrinkage Caused by Osmotic Cellular Dehydration during Freezing
21 S. L. Campbell
V. H. Linh
Stability Criteria for Differential-Algebraic Equations with Multiple Delays and Their Numerical Solutions
22 T. Carraro
Adaptive Finite Elements for Optimal Experimental Design
23 A. Chavarría-Krauser
Modelling Metal Transport in Plants
24 A. Y. Chebotarev
Variational Inequalities for the MHD Systems and Application to Controllability Problems
25 Z. Chen
T. Cui
L. Zhang
Integral Representation and the Adaptive Perfectly Matched Layer Method for Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
26 Z. Chen
W. Zheng
UPML Method for Time-Harmonic Scattering Problems in Layered Media
27 A. Chertock
A. Kurganov
A Second-Order Positivity Preserving Central-Upwind Scheme for Chemotaxis and Haptotaxis Models
28 S. Chuai-Aree
M. Srisombat
M. Sirinupong
S. Suanphairoch
S. Siripant
W. Jäger
H. G. Bock
ALGM: An Algorithm for Leaf Growth Measurement Using Region Growing Method
29 N. P. H. Cu
H. H. Pham
T. V. Pham
A Resource Discovery Approach for VN-Grid
30 B. C. Cuong
L. Q. Phuc
N. T. A. Binh
A Combination of Context-Fuzzy Clustering Method and Learning with Forgetting Algorithm in a Neural Network Model to Generating Fuzzy Rules
31 Y. H. Dai
On the Cyclic Steepest Descent Method
32 T. K. Dang
T. T. Q. Nguyet
T. Q. Chi
Detecting, Monitoring and Preventing Database Security Breaches in Housing-Based Outsourcing Model
33 P. Degond
A. Kurganov
A. Polizzi
Numerical Methods for Modern Traffic Flow Models
34 F. Delbos
M. Gainville
D. Sinoquet
SQP Method for Petroleum Surface Network Optimization
35 P. Deuflhard
Conformation Dynamics in Computational Drug Design
36 O. Deutschmann
New Routes for Production of Fuels and Chemicals: From Molecular Modeling to Reactor Optimization
37 P. A. DiMaggio
S. R. McAllister
C. A. Floudas
Optimal Methods for Re-Ordering Data Matrices in Systems Biology and Drug Discovery Applications
38 Q. T. Dinh
M. Diehl
A Real-Time Sequential Convex Programming Method and Applications in Optimal Control
39 N.-H. Do
Q.-L. N. Le
K.-C. Nam
Coordination between Traffic Light System and Traffic Circle Flexible Traffic Simulation Program
40 I. Duff
The Solution of Really Large Sparse Linear Equations from Three-dimensional Modelling
41 T. Dunne
R. Rannacher
An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Flow Problems with Fluid-Structure Interaction
42 R. Eils
J. Keienburg
C. Hoffmann
H. G. Bock
Crucial Experimental Aspects for Designing Optimal Experiments in Systems Biology
43 R. Eils
J. Keienburg
C. Hoffmann
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
Optimal Experimental Design in Computational Systems Biology
44 A. ElBadia
T. Ha-Duong
An Inverse Conductivity Problem with a Single Measurement
45 J. Fan
A Modified Trust Region Algorithm for Nonlinear Equations with New Updating Rule of Trust Region Radius
46 G. Feichtinger
Age Dynamics of Learned Societies and Other Fixed-Sized Populations
47 X. Feng
H. Wu
Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Helmholtz Equation with Large Wave Number
48 M. P. Friedlander
E. van den Berg
Computing Group-Sparse Approximations
49 A. Gaikwad
V. D. Doan
M. Bossy
F. Abergel
F. Baude
SuperQuant Financial-Benchmark Suite for Performance Analysis of Grid Middlewares
50 J. Garcke
Dimension Adaptive Sparse Grids for Machine Learning
51 A. D. Garnadi
T. Hohage
Electrical Conductance Image Reconstruction using Iteratively Regularized Gauss-Newton (IRGN) Algorithm
52 B. Geißler
A. Martin
A. Morsi
Solving Dynamic Network Problems by MIP Techniques
53 M. Gerdts
Optimal Control Algorithms for Automatic Driving
54 M. Gipp
G. Marcus
N. Harder
A. Suratanee
K. Rohr
R. König
R. Männer
Haralicks Texture Features Computation Accelerated by GPUs for Biological Applications
55 M. Griebel
J. Braun
A Superposition Model for Function Reconstruction from Data Samples in Higher Dimensions
56 M. Griebel
B. Metsch
M. A. Schweitzer
Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) - Beyond the M-Matrix Case
57 L. Gross
C. Altinay
A. Amirbekyan
J. Fenwick
P. Hornby
T. Poulet
H. A. Sheldon
K. Steube
Solving Transport Problems for the Exploration of Mineral Deposits and Geothermal Reservoirs
58 M. Grötschel
Combinatorial Problems in Infrastructure Planning
59 P. Guayjarernpanishk
J. Asavanant
Free-Surface Flows over an Obstacle Problem Revisited
60 D. W. Heermann
M. Bohn
P. M. Diesinger
The Relation between the Gene Network, Gene Expression and the Physical Structure of Chromosomes Modelling and Simulation
61 M. Hegland
Approximating Solutions of the Master Equation
62 M. Hegland
C. F. Khoo
Applying Singular Perturbation Analysis to the Numerical Solution of the Chemical Master Equation
63 D. den Hertog
K. Roos
Computing Safe Dike Heights at Minimal Costs
64 N. T. Hiep
P. T. Cat
Neural Adaptive Computed Torque Control for Robot Manipulators
65 N. H. Hoang
N. Thoai
T. V. Hoai
Relation-Aware Scheduler in Symmetric Multiprocessor Machine
66 K.-H. Hoffmann
Can Mathematics Help to Drive a Car Safer?
67 K.-H. Hoffmann
N. D. Botkin
Modeling and Optimization in Cryopreservation Using Phase Field Models
68 W. Höhn
T. Jacobs
N. Megow
Algorithmic and Complexity Results for Flowshop Scheduling in Steel Manufacturing
69 N. T. Hung
On the Finite Element Technique for the Shallow-Water Equations
70 W. Jäger
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Processes in Biological Tissues and Membranes
71 R. Jeltsch
R. Hiptmair
P. Hugueniot
H. Kumar
C. Schwab
M. Torrilhon
V. Wheatley
Numerical Simulation of Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Plasma Flow in a Circuit Breaker
72 J.-N. Juang
Generalized Bilinear System Identification with Coupling Force Variables
73 H. Kalisch
T.-N. Nguyen
H. Y. Nguyen
Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Solution to the BBM Equation
74 N. Kamikawa
H. Umeo
Real-Time Generation Algorithms for Linear-Recursive Sequences on Cellular Automata
75 S. A. Ketcham
M. Q. Phan
H. H. Cudney
Reduced-Order Wave-Propagation Modeling Using the Eigensystem Realization Algorithm
76 N. T. T. M. Khang
D. T. T. Nguyen
T. T. Khon
T. T. H. Nuong
A Tabu Search-Based Algorithm for Solving a Real-World University Timetabling Problem in Vietnam
77 P. T. Khoa
T. T. Tran
D. Nguyen
N. Thoai
MaxNet and TCP Reno/RED on Mice Traffic
78 C. Kirches
S. Sager
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Mixed-Integer Model-Predictive Control for Automotives
79 T. Koch
S. Vigerske
Extending SCIP to Solve Quadratic MINLPs
80 S. Körkel
Advances in Methods for Optimum Experimental Design
81 E. A. Kostina
Covariance Matrix Computation for Parameter Estimation in Nonlinear Models Solved by Iterative Linear Algebra Methods
82 A. E. Kovtanyuk
I. V. Prokhorov
Mathematical Modeling of Polarized-radiation Transfer and its Applications in Computer Tomography
83 T. Kraus
P. Kühl
M. Diehl
A Complete NMPC Solution of the Tennessee Eastman Benchmark Problem for Plantwide Control
84 J. B. Lasserre
Convex Programming with SOS-Convex Polynomials
85 D. Li
X. Sun
C. Liu
Geometric Properties and Optimality Conditions of Quadratic Binary Programming
86 L. Lin
N. X. Tan
On Systems of Quasivariational Inclusion Problems of Type I and Related Problems
87 X. Liu
Y.-X. Yuan
Sequential Quadratic Programming without a Penalty Function or a Filter for Nonlinear Equality Constrained Optimization
88 P. D. Long
P. T. Cat
A Method of Computing Complex Nonlinear Diffusion Equations by Cellular Neural Network
89 L. Lovász
Mathematical Problems of Very Large Networks
90 V. Lykina
S. Pickenhain
Economic Applications of Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems. Sufficient Optimality Conditions
91 A. Marciniak-Czochra
Mathematical Models of Stem Cells Renewal and Differentiation
92 P. Markowich
On Nonlinear Dispersive Equations in Periodic Structures: Semiclassical Limits and Numerical Schemes
93 V. Mehrmann
P. Kunkel
Optimal Control of Descriptor Systems
94 M. Minoux
M. T. Ngo
N. V. Hung
A Benders Decomposition Method for the Signal-Optimization Problem in Traffic Light
95 J. K. Mizerski
E. Szpakowski
J. Szumbarski
A. Trykozko
Microperfusion Effects in Aortic Wall with Diffusion-driven Mechanisms
96 M. S. Mon
H. Mori
E. Miyoshi
Development of New Relativistic Model Core Potentials (spdsMCPs) for First-row Transition Metal Atoms and Their Applications
97 G. L. Nemhauser
Scheduling On Demand Passenger Air Service
98 G. Of
P. X. Thanh
O. Steinbach
Boundary Element Methods for Dirichlet Boundary Control Problems
99 T. Ogita
S. M. Rump
S. Oishi
Fast Quasi-Quadruple Precision Computation of Sparse Matrix-Vector Product
100 K. Ozaki
T. Ogita
S. Oishi
Parallel and Accurate Matrix Multiplication based on Optimized BLAS
101 B. Panomruttanarug
R. W. Longman
K. D. Mombaur
Issues in Applying Iterative Learning Control in Nonlinear Systems
102 I. Pantle
M. Gabi
Application of High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics to Biomedical Flow Investigations
103 M. Q. Phan
R. S. Darling
S. A. Ketcham
H. H. Cudney
Superstable State-Space Representation for Large-Domain Wave Propagation
104 V. N. Phat
Exponential Stabilty of Functional Differential Equations and Applications in Control Theory
105 S. Pickenhain
On Strong Uniform Optimal Solutions of Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems
106 A. Potschka
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
Optimizing Periodic Adsorption Processes: A Newton-Picard Inexact SQP Method
107 M. Ptashnyk
T. Roose
G. Kirk
Model of Diffusion and Reaction of Strongly-Sorbed Solutes in Soil and Their Uptake by Plant Roots
108 C. Puhl
Recoverable Robust Shortest Path Problems
109 J. Qiu
A Numerical Study for the Performance of DG Methods Based on Different Numerical Fluxes
110 V. V. Quang
D. Q. A
Domain Decomposition Method for Strongly Mixed Boundary Value Problems for Poisson Equations
111 A. Quarteroni
Mathematical Modeling in Medicine, Sports, and Technology
112 N. H. B. Quoc
D. T. Anh
Combining Constraint Programming and Tabu Search to Solve Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
113 T. M. Richter
Higher Order Galerkin Discretizations for the Non-Stationary Navier Stokes Equations
114 S. M. Rump
Accurate Summation and Dot Products
115 A. D. Rychkov
Y. I. Shokin
H. Milosevic
Modeling of Work of Filling Granular Filter with Active Cooling
116 S. Sager
C. Barth
H. Diedam
M. Engelhart
J. Funke
Optimization and the Psychology of Human Decision Making
117 Y. Sato
H. Okuda
Distributed Stochastic Finite Element on a Desktop Grid
118 J. P. Schlöder
Estimation of Parameters in Optimal Control Problems
119 J. C. Schöneberger
H. Arellano-Garcia
H. Thielert
G. Wozny
Systematic Validation of Kinetic Models for Heterogeneous Catalysed Gas Phase Reactions
120 R. Schultz
Alternatives of Risk Modeling in Two-Stage Stochastic Programming
121 P. Senthil Kumar
R. Arumuganathan
K. Sivakumar
C. Vimal
Removal of Ocular Artifacts in EEG Signals using Wavelet De-Noising
122 H. Simon
Future Directions in High Performance Computing (HPC) 2009 - 2018
123 X. L. Sun
X. J. Zheng
D. Li
Semidefinite Programming Relaxation for Constrained 0-1 Quadratic Programs
124 N. Tauchnitz
Optimal Control of a Hybrid Investment Model
125 T. Terlaky
J. Zhu
On Dual Methods for Nonconvex Spectrum Optimization of Multicarrier Systems
126 V. D. Thai
P. T. Cat
A Parallel Neural Computing Method for Solving Two-Dimension Shallow Water Equations
127 V. H. Thanh
T. V. Hoai
A Framework for Rule-Based Traffic Simulation Using Cellular Automata
128 N. Q. Thuan
H. A. Le Thi
N. Huynh Tuong
T. Pham Dinh
A New Approach to Solve Just-In-Time Scheduling Problem
129 M. Thuthu
S. Fujino
Y. Onoue
A Proposal of Intelligent Variant of GPBiCG AR Method by Reasonable Determination of Coefficients
130 M. Thuthu
K. Kusaba
K. Abe
S. Fujino
Variants of BiCGCR Iterative Method with Efficient Performance for Complex Symmetric Matrices
131 T. T. Tinh
N. A. Thi
D. T. Son
Development of Three Dimensional Euler Solver Using Finite Volume Method on Multiblock Structured Grid
132 N. D. Toan
K. Y. Suk
Analytical and Numerical Approach to Prediction the Fracture and Optimize the Press Formability of Door Hinge
133 T. Tometzki
S. Engell
Hybrid Algorithm for Risk Conscious Chemical Batch Scheduling under Uncertainty
134 D.-K. Tran
T. V. Hoai
The Workflow Framework for Metaheuristic Search on Grid Environment
135 P.-D. Truc
T. H. Nguyen
L. Don Vo
Fuzzy-Pi Speed Controller for High Performance of Multi-Motor Drive System
136 H. Tuy
D(C)-Optimization and Robust Global Optimization
137 K. Vesztergombi
Limits of Randomly Grown Graph Sequences
138 C. Vilsineewan
S. Siripant
W. Meckvichai
Model of Peacock Tail Feather Based on Its Microscopic Structure
139 H. H. Vui
P. T. Son
Solving Polynomial Optimization Problems via the Truncated Tangency Variety and Sums of Squares
140 A.-V. Vuong
B. Simeon
Exact Geometry Simulation for Optimized Design of Vehicles and Vessels
141 S. F. Walter
Role and Applications of Higher Order Derivatives in Optimal Design of Experiments
142 Y. F. Wang
Z. H. Li
C. C. Yang
Iterative Regularization and Optimization Algorithms for Seismic Migration and Inversion Imaging
143 Z. Wang
An Interior Point Subspace Trust Region Method for Nonlinear Optimization Subject to Bounds
144 P. Wilaipon
S. Rengngiab
Site Selection of Cassava-Residue Briquetting Plant: A Case Study in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand
145 H. K. Yau
R. W. Longman
Optimizing Automotive Valve Trains to Minimize Valve Bounce and Onset of Valve Float
146 Y.-X. Yuan
A Parallel Decomposition Training Algorithm for Multi-class Kernel-Based Vector Machines
147 A. Zhou
Adaptive Finite Volume Approximations of Eigenvalue Problems with Applications

List of Cancelled Contributions (after February 1, 2009)

Authors Title Date of Cancellation
J. A. Acebron
A. Rodríguez-Rozas
R. Spigler
Domain Decomposition Solution of Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Parabolic Problems by Random Trees Feb. 12, 2009
S. Adly
A. Hantoute
M. Théra
Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems and Variational Inequalities: An Overview Feb. 10, 2009
J. Békési
G. Galambos
M. Oswald
G. Reinelt
On the Coupled Task Problem Feb. 27, 2009
M. V. Bulatov
M. Lee
DEAs of Order Two Feb. 13, 2009
I. Diarrassouba
V. Gabrel
A. R. Mahjoub
Integer Programming Formulations for the k Edge-Connected 3-Hop-Constrained Network Design Problem Feb. 7, 2009
X. Hu
R. Li
T. Tang
A Multi-Mesh Adaptive Finite Element Approximation to Phase Field Models Feb. 11, 2009
H. Langouoet
L. Métivier
D. Sinoquet
Q. H. Tran
Engine Calibration: Engine Map Parameterization and Multi-Objective Optimization Feb. 25, 2009
M. Lentini
M. Paluszny
Orthogonal Grids on Meander-Like Regions Feb. 17, 2009
C. Li
W. Sun
A Filter-Successive Linearization Method for Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming Feb. 16, 2009
J. Li
H. Tang
G. Warnecke
L. Zhang
Local Oscillations in Finite Difference Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Feb. 11, 2009
G. Marcus
P. Berczik
A. Kugel
R. Männer
R. Spurzem
A. Crespo
M. Gomez-Gesteira
SPH Simulations using Special Hardware Feb. 4, 2009
I. Mierlus-Mazilu
Risk Analysis Models Feb. 27, 2009
H. R. Noori
ATP-Induced Dynamics in Tripartite Synapses Feb. 25, 2009
M. Paluszny
M. Lentini
Approximate Tiling of 2D Regions with Lemniscatic Sectors Feb. 17, 2009
H. T. Quyen
D. D. X. Thanh
Enhancing Sparsity of Principal Components Feb. 18, 2009
F. Tröltzsch
S. Volkwein
On A-posteriori Error Estimates for Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Feb. 28, 2009

List of Talks neither Cancelled nor Presented

Authors Title Organization
N. C. Dinh
Level Set Methods for a Minimal Surface Problem Institute of Information Technology, Danang University of Technology, Danang, Vietnam
P. D. Hung
T. V. Lan
V. T. Diep
N. D. Khiem
Identification of Sleep Apnea using Electrocardiogram Signal and Gaussian Mixture Models International Research Center MICA, Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam

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