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List of Invited Lectures and Contributions

N. C. Quang
Dinh Lan Anh
Geostatistics for environmental modelling
L. C. Loi
N. H. Du
Pham Ky Anh
On linear implicit difference systems
Pham Ky Anh
N. V. Nghi
Solvability and approximate solution of multipoint boundary-value problems for DAEs
Tomoo Aoyama
H. Zhu
An iterative neural network expression of the chaos
Tomoo Aoyama
H. Zhu
Iterative prediction for development phenomena by using neural network
Rassul Ayani High performance discrete event simulation
Nguyen Ngoc Binh
H. T. Bao
A fast algorithm for computing a mixed similarity measure for distance-based methods
Sergey V. Biryukov
J. V. Fedorova
V. A. Ilyin
N. M. Maslennikov
Computer and physical simulation of solitons in the undegraduate university students workshop
Hinderk Martens Buss A posteriori error estimators for variational inequalities
Torsten Butz
M. Vögel
O. von Stryk
T.-M. Wolter
Efficient model calibration for virtual test drives of motor vehicles
Dang Huu Chung Net suspended sand transport in the surf zone with a ripple regime
Nguyen Huu Cong Pseudo Runge-Kutta and Runge-Kutta-Nyström methods for parallel computers
Nguyen Huu Cong
T. H. Minh
Improving efficiency of parallel-iterated Runge-Kutta-Nyström methods
Nguyen Khac Dang
N. K. Kim
Some computing application for solving inverse problems in the geological exploration and mining sector
S. Attinger
Marco Dentz
H. Kinzelbach
W. Kinzelbach
Stochastic modelling of transport in porous media
Moritz Mathias Diehl
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Real-time optimization in nonlinear model predictive control applied to a distillation column
Angelika Dieses
J. P. Schlöder
H. G. Bock
O. Richter
Optimal experimental design for parameter estimation in nonlinear transport and degradation processes of pesticides in soils
Nguyen Huu Du
D. T. Lien
Robust stability of linear differential--algebraic systems
Dung Tran Canh
T. Tran-Cong
Parallel computation of power-law flows using BEM-NN method and subregion techniques on PVM cluster
Dinh Thanh Duc
V. K. Tuan
An algorithm to calculate an abscissa convergence for inverse laplace transform
Richard Ewing High performance scientific computing in energy and environmental applications
Joao-Lauro D. Faco' Optimization of nonlinear dynamic systems by large-scale nonlinear programming
Bui Van Ga Mathematical model for turbulence diffusion flames
Martin Grötschel Math-Net: The future of mathematical information and communication
Qingping Guo
Z. Shesheng
Y. Paker
D. Parkinson
W. Jialin
Parallel multi grid algorithm with virtual boundary forecast domain decomposition method for solving non-linear heat transfer equation
Duong Ngoc Hai Computational mechanics of multiphase media
D. N. Hai
Nguyen Van Hanh
N. T. Thang
N. T. Hang
N. T. Hung
Numerical method for 2-D saint venant equations using parallel techniques
Peter Hansbo Discontinuous Galerkin methods
D. N. Hai
Ha Ngoc Hien
A simple model for solving two-phase flow problem in dual-porosity medium
Nguyen Van Ho
N. Q. Hy
The Monte Carlo method and stochastic approximation for some problems in theory of reliability and its application in a hydroelectric system
Vu Dinh Hoa Estimate lowerbound of circumference with average polynomial time algorithme
Tran Van Hoai Modern network techonologies in cluster computing
N. T. Son
Ngo Huy Hoang
Recursive bi-partition mapping algorithm apply on parallel processing system
Karl-Heinz Hoffmann Optimal control problems in material science
Tran Thi Hue
T. V. Thieu
Solving a class of minimax problems polynomially
Le Quoc Hung Electrochemical computation of liquid-liquid extraction
Nguyen The Hung Algorithms and computer programs for solving the unsymmetric algebraic equation with some zero-coefficient on main diagonal
Pham Khac Hung
L. K. Hoang
P. N. Nguyen
L. V. Vinh
Computer simulation of diffusion in three dimension disordered systems
Nguyen Van Huu
N. Q. Hy
T. Canh
On a modified stochastic approximation for establishing some classes of empiric formulas and its application
Willi Jäger Navier Stokes and Laws at interfaces and rough boundaries
G. Giese
Rolf Jeltsch
Computation of elastic-plastic waves
Robert J. Joynt Numerical variational studies of high-temperature superconductrs
David K. Kahaner High performance computing developments & applications in asia
L. H. Khiem
Nguyen Tuan Khai
Monte-Carlo simulation for reproducing image
N. T. Son
D. T. Khanh
Thoai Nam
DPPT distributed and parallel programming tool
Nguyen Thi Bach Kim
D. T. Luc
Determination all maximal weakly efficient faces in multiobjective linear programming
Stefan Körkel
G. Rücker
H. G. Bock
J. P. Schlöder
Optimum experimental design for chemical processes
Keng-Huat Kwek Inverse problem on geophysical prospecting
Adrian S Lewis
M. L. Overton
Optimization of eigenvalues
Tran Gia Lich
P. N. Vinh
A numerical method for simulation of non hydrostatic 3--dimensional flow
Ping Lin A material model for dynamic fracture and its shock phenomena
Vu Hoang Linh Computational of radial wave functions and their integrals by the amplitude-phase method
Richard Longman Iterative learning control: a case study in the relationship between mathematics, modeling, simulation and experiments
Gunter Meyer Pricing of financial equity and interest rate options
Nguyen Quang Minh A new perspective of algorithm for automatic ship design
Nguyen Quang Minh The mathematical equivalent model of ship stability
Nguyen Van Minh Approximate method for periodic solutions of linear evolution equations
Vu Xuan Minh On an approach to computational fluid dynamics
Le Dung Muu
N. V. Quy
Finding global optimal solution to linear programs with equilibrium constraints
T. Nam
N. T. Son
Hoang Duc Minh
Static and dynamic reconfiguration for supernode system
N. K. Son
Pham Huu Anh Ngoc
Robust stability of linear delay system
H. Kiem
Do Van Nhon
C-object knowledge model
Olaf Nitzsche
H. Hardelauf
W. Frings
H. Vereecken
Modeling of flow and reactive transport processes in porous media using parallel computation
Takashi Nodera
F. Ohsawa
DQGMRES(m,k) method with sparse approximate inverse for nonsymmetric linear systems
Wieslaw L. Nowinski Virtual reality in radiology and surgery
Yakup Paker New challenges for parallel computer architectures
Nguyen Hua Phung
N. T. Son
Some techniques used to improve parallel execution of the FOR loop structures containing IF statements
Nguyen Chi Quang Non-parametric geostatistics and applications
N. H. Phuc
Ngo Van Quyet
One of problems on dynamic simulation of engine mechanism for its geometrical optimization
Rolf Rannacher Finite element methods for viscous incompressible flows
Gerhard Reinelt Combinatorial optimization methods and applications
Otto Richter Computational environmental science: mathematical models and mathematical problems
Abdul Razak Saleh Modification of the DRAINMOD-CREAMS model to simulate sediment loss in southern louisiana
Johannes Schlöder Optimum experimental design for dynamic processes
Rüdiger Schultz Decomposition methods in stochastic integer programming
Thorsten Stossmeister Optimal walking
Ngo Quoc Tao
D. N. Toan
Applying some techniques of image processing for markread - a software automatic mark data entry
Tran Hong Thai Some techniques for mathematical modelling of river flows
Nguyen Dinh Thuan Update propagation algorithms in replicated databases
Nguyen Dinh Thuc
D. V. Nhon
T. T. Son
Genetic regression for function analysis
Le Hung Tien
N. P. Thuy
T. T. Ky
R. Hanitsch
ITIMS software - the contribution to electrical machine training, simulation and design
Bui Minh Tri
N. H. Cuong
Optimising metal production by experimental programming
Ta Ngoc Tri Wavelets in centroiding and reconstructing finite energy signals
Fredi Tröltzsch Some numerical techniques to solve optimal control problems for PDEs
N. C. Quang
Do Ngoc Trung
Mining optimization based upon mathematical model
Y. S. You
Nguyen Hoai Trung
On the exponential fitting methods in circuit simulation
Tran Minh Tuan
P. V. Hung
On a representative string approach for assembly sequence generation
Hoang Tuy Monotonic optimization
Dinh Van Uu
N. T. Sao
D. V. Bo
Coupled thermo-hydrodynamic ecosystem and environmental model of the Tonkin Bay
Prapa Vattanakkeeree
S. Maikaew
Management information system development for Chiang Mai University
Clemens Wagner
M. Schill
R. Männer
Realtime simulation of intraocular surgery
Qing-Guo Wang
C.-C. Hang
Q. Bi
X.-P. Yang
High performance conversions between continuous and discrete systems
Jürgen Warnatz Chemically reactive flows
Xiong Qian Xing
X. Ying
The block structure and it's access method of the executable file in windows NT
G. Qingping
She-sheng Zhang
Y. Paker
D. Parkinson
W. Jialin
Convergence models for parallel multi-grid solution of non-linear transient equations using a virtual boundary forecast method
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