To enter Vietnam foreigners need an entry visa which is usually granted at Vietnamese embassies and consulates abroad. Tourist visas can be applied directly there. Business travellers should apply for a visa through the Vietnamese host. In our case, the local organizers of the conference should apply for a visa approval for their foreign guests at the Ministery of Public Security of Vietnam. After that, the relevant Vietnamese embassy or consulate is informed of the approval by fax. We will notify you of the date of this fax as well as an approval number. You must then send (or bring in person)
to your Vietnamese embassy or consulate to obtain your visa. In general, some visa fees are charged (except the owners of Official Passport or Service Passport coming from such countries having appropriate contracts with Vietnam). According to the Decision No. 136 of the Ministry of Finance dated Nov 25, 1999, foreginers and overseas Vietnamese will be charged 25 USD for obtaining one entry/exit visas, 50 USD for multiple entry/exit visas valid for less than 6 months and 100 USD for multiple entry/exit visas valid for 6 months or more. The fee for extending visa is 10 USD. Fee exemptions will only be given to citizens of countries that have signed fee-exemption agreements with Vietnam.
For this application, we need the following information about each foreign participant:


Full name:

Your e-mail address for confirmation:

Date of birth:

Place of birth:


Passport number:

Date of issue:

Place of issue:

Expiry date:

Original nationality:

Present nationality:

Date of entry to Vietnam:

and point of entry:

How long to stay in Vietnam?

At what Vietnamese embassy or consulate do you want to collect your visa?

Your accompanying persons (please fill in enough information as the conference participant's form):

Alternatively, you can click here to obtain the above content in e-mail form which should be filled in and sent to our address

Don't forget to do the same for your accompanying persons.


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