List of Invited Speakers


Rassul Ayani (Stockholm & Singapore) High performance discrete event simulation
Nguyen Huu Cong (Hanoi) Pseudo Runge-Kutta and Runge-Kutta-Nyström methods for parallel computers
Richard Ewing (Texas A&M) High performance scientific computing in energy and environmental applications
Martin Grötschel (Berlin) Math-Net: The future of mathematical information and communication
Duong Ngoc Hai (Hanoi) Computational mechanics of multiphase media
Peter Hansbo (Göteborg) Discontinuous Galerkin methods
Karl-Heinz Hoffmann (Bonn) Optimal control problems in material science
Willi Jäger (Heidelberg) Navier Stokes and Laws at interfaces and rough boundaries
Rolf Jeltsch (Zürich) Computation of elastic-plastic waves
Robert Joynt (Madison & Taiwan) Numerical variational studies of high-temperature superconductivity
Richard Longman (New York) Iterative learning control: a case study in the relationship between mathematics, modeling, simulation and experiments
Gunter Meyer (Atlanta) Pricing of financial equity and interest rate options
Vu Xuan Minh (Hanoi) On an approach to computational fluid dynamics
Wieslaw L. Nowinski (Singapore) Virtual reality in radiology and surgery
Yakup Paker (London) New challenges for parallel computer architectures
Rolf Rannacher (Heidelberg) Finite element methods for viscous incompressible flows
Gerhard Reinelt (Heidelberg) Combinatorial optimization methods and applications
Otto Richter (Braunschweig) Computational environmental science: mathematical models and mathematical problems
Johannes Schlöder (Heidelberg) Optimum experimental design for dynamic processes
Hoang Tuy (Hanoi) Monotonic optimization
Jürgen Warnatz (Heidelberg) Chemically reactive flows

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